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Omni is an employee-owned, Wisconsin-based technology consulting company. Our IT experts listen to your business challenges and design the solutions you need to achieve your goals. We work in a range of technologies, from mobile application development to data management to business process management to IT strategy.

We’re here for you at every stage of your project. Whether you need help understanding how to build your project, the people to develop it or the added strength of a trusted partner like Microsoft or K2, Omni can bring all those resources together to make your big idea a reality.

Wisconsin Technology Consultants Working for Your Business

In a world of high demands, evolving requirements and disruptive technology, Omni has figured out to how to respond to your IT needs. Are you looking for additional staff to help you finish a project quickly? Or do you know exactly where your business needs to go this year, but need IT consultants who can tell you how to start your project?

Or maybe you want to work with one of our partners and are looking for K2 developers or Microsoft partners in Wisconsin.

Omni specializes in all of the above.

For more than 30 years, Omni has helped hundreds of clients across the Midwest in the areas of:

Grow Your Business

Omni’s team of experienced IT professionals bring proven methods and tools to deliver high quality solutions that enable you to get into the market quickly, onboard new customers and generate revenue for your growing business.

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