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Maybe you have a vision of what technology can do for your company, but you don’t know how to make that idea a reality. Or maybe you know exactly what you want to achieve, but you need help planning each step of the journey. In both cases, you need a roadmap, and Omni’s team of consultants can provide that for you. Whether you know how to get there, or don’t even know where to start, we map out the process that will make your idea a reality.

Our Approach

Omni creates roadmaps for almost every service we offer, be it phased custom software development projects, business process management, roadmaps for data management, strategic roadmaps for disruptive technologies or roadmaps that cover a combination of those offerings. Whatever your needs, our consultants get to know you and your business before we make any suggestions about how to make your idea happen. We spend time with you, understanding your current use of technology and your existing processes. We ask targeted questions designed to get at the core of your needs.

Then we write up a plan that builds out each piece of functionality, and explains the reasoning behind each step, breaking one large vision into separate component projects. That plan acts as a roadmap for your organization; it will help you know where to start, which steps need to be completed first, how much each step will cost, and how much time each phase will take.

What We Do

Omni’s consulting team works with you to plan your project. Our consultants offer the following services: whole effort, not just the individual task.


We analyze the problem you want to solve, then present you with a document visualizing your concept, which explains each step. If needed, we create a proof of concept to minimize risk or prove out a new technology.


We create a vision that addresses your needs, and will get you to a custom solution you can implement on your own, or with our help.


We break a project into its component parts so you can budget appropriately and map out dependencies for resourcing needs.

Ready to map out your organization's next technology project? Contact Omni to start charting your solution.

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