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Sometimes you have a big idea, but don’t have the expertise - or enough hands - to implement it. That’s where we come in. Omni works with you to enhance your technology capabilities, providing the experts, advice or leadership your company needs to put your big ideas into practice, whether you’re looking for leadership, advice or just an extra pair of hands.

Our Approach

We help you achieve your goal by connecting you with the right people. That can mean bringing in experts to help you launch your project, helping you find the right person to compliment your team or providing proof of concept around an experiment.

By focusing on finding the intersection between your needs and our employee-owners’ skills and passions, our Talent Services Team creates a temporary A-team for your project. We’re there to elevate your own staff: we help you define that project, we get you across the finish line, and then we step away.

What We Do

Omni’s Talent Services Team works with a range of fully-vetted, certified consultants with deep experience in new and established technology stacks. The experience of our team allows us to see the entire solution, rather than just the presenting problem. Because of this wider view, we can focus on the success of the whole effort, not just the individual task.


We provide the people you need for your project. Our consultants offer technical experience with new and emerging technology stacks. We can also provide project leaders, or simply offer you capable people who can help you accomplish your goals.


Our coaches teach your team what they need to know about new and cutting-edge technology. We can also help your team embrace processes like Agile.


We’ll help you build an ROI case for your idea, and then we can create a technical road map that will get you to your goal.


We’ll get you over a technical hurdle or any obstacle threatening your project’s timeline.


Our consultants can help you break through the language barrier between developers and the C-suite. We have the expertise to relay information at both technical and executive levels and the ability to translate between the two and earn buy-in from the stakeholders you need to convince.

Help your development team be more productive. Contact us today to grow your team and set your big idea up for success.

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