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Test Your Solution with Quality Assurance

No project should be undertaken without an experienced Quality Assurance specialist onboard. From the start of your project to the end, QA specialists test your solution at every step, from design to launch, making your development team more productive by eliminating the chaos caused by undetected bugs. We help you think through every possible scenario to make sure your product works in each one. QA does more than ensure a smooth development process and a comfortable user experience, it also saves you money. The longer a bug goes undetected the more it costs to fix; QA analysts sniff out bugs during the software development cycle, so developers can fix mistakes immediately. Your business relies on its software and data; QA is its insurance policy. We test your solution now to prevent disaster later.

Our Approach

Because the work they do is essential, Omni adds a QA specialist to all of our Agile teams. As team members, QA specialists flesh out all possible scenarios, create acceptance criteria, work with developers in pair programming, and validate code immediately after it is written.

We think about executing a test dynamically, rather than just focusing on what the expected outcome should be. Our specialists are always thinking two or three steps ahead of the development process to ensure a positive user experience, and make sure your launch goes as smoothly as possible.

What We Do

Our QA analysts do more than just write and execute test cases. Omni becomes an extension of your organization. Our team becomes invested in making your business better. And because our QA professionals also have Business Analyst experience, they can make suggestions about how you can improve your software development cycle overall. Our QA specialists are prepared to do the following:


Ensure user stories are complete and have defined acceptance criteria, write test cases to validate the acceptance criteria and execute test cases while providing feedback about user experience and other suggestions for improved performance.


Write detailed test scripts based on your project’s business requirements before any code is even written. Those test scripts can then be used in the future: for regression testing, training, helping remember how things are “supposed” to work or automated testing in the future.


Train your analysts on the QA process and help your organizations set up best practices.

Let Our Experienced Project Managers Make Your Idea a Reality

Leadership and planning are essential when you’re putting together a big project. Project Managers provide both; they organize your team — or bring their own — to help make your idea happen. But not every organization has the expertise in-house to manage an IT project. That’s where Omni comes in. Our project managers and Scrum Masters have the experience to guide your project from design to launch.

Our Approach

Our Scrum Masters manage your project in a way that makes sense for your organization. Whether you have a big project that requires a full team, or just need a project manager to keep your own team on time and on budget, Omni’s Scrum Masters work with you to get your solution through every stage of its development. 

Omni’s consultants have worked on a wide range of IT projects and are able to manage almost any team. And because our experts are on Omni’s staff, you know you’re getting experienced project managers and team members who have worked well together in the past.

What We Do

Omni’s project managers offer the following services:


We take the project off your hands, recruiting experts from our internal workforce to build a team that will work on your project, seeing it through to completion, sprint by sprint.


If you’ve already got a team in place, our project managers will keep an eye on your project and make sure you stay on budget.


Our consultants have the experience to explain your project, progress, and needs to leadership and other non-technical personnel at your organization.


Because our consultants are employees, their experience is available to you in the future, if you have a question about your project, or when your solution needs an upgrade.

There are many stages to managing a project. From evaluation to implementation, Omni can help.
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