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Cloud technologies introduce new products and services enabling global scale and endless computing power. DevOps allow you to deliver at higher velocities using an automated, repeatable practice. By leveraging cloud technologies and DevOps, businesses can deploy features more rapidly, drive costs down and create new business models.

Our Approach

By Leveraging a team that has worked on a variety of projects across all cloud platforms, Omni is able to design and build a solution to meet your unique business and product needs. This experienced team can help overcome your business challenges with the ability to: 

  • Eliminate single point of failure within data center, making your applications fault tolerant and resilient to outages.
  • Reduce storage / processing costs by working with you to determine the right products for your needs and providing options when it's time to grow.
  • Decrease product latency to customers by leveraging global datacenters through various cloud platforms.
  • Increase agility and flexibility by developing a DevOps solution for your needs so your team can focus on the business rather than deployments.

What We Do

Take the time to understand your business application needs and pain points to align cloud products and solutions.
Conduct a GAP analysis between your current state and desired future state

Highlight areas of improvement
Create a cost analysis

Create a roadmap and a high-level architecture plan for executing the suggested cloud solution
Mentor your staff throughout the entire development process

Each project is developed using the following actions in mind:

  • Provide education services in all aspects of cloud and DevOps technologies from security best practices to managing costs by controlling your cloud products. 
  • Take advantage of cloud scaling and economics by configuring services and machines for your specific needs. 
  • Increase business agility and flexibility by connecting data to powerful business intelligence tools.
  • Elevate reporting and monitoring functionality to help move and create resources on demand and drive innovation. 
  • Build and deliver solutions using proven patterns and practices to the cloud and create automated packaging and delivery models. This involves integration with the latest industry DevOps tools to automate resource creation, deletion, backup and recovery.
  • Control your data where it lives, moving it closer to your customers and services. 

Omni has vast experience in all major cloud platforms and DevOps technologies. We have worked in a variety of projects large and small and delivered projects for companies in the area and available across the world. Contact us today to start helping to deliver business value and drive project success.

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