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Good Business Decisions Start with BI

Your business generates a lot of data; but generating and collecting data isn’t enough — to draw actionable insights, you need to be able to find the most important information, and have tools and processes in place that allow everyone in your organization to clearly see and understand it.

Omni knows data. With gold and silver level partnerships with Microsoft and deep experience across a variety of other platforms, our experts are ready and able to audit your existing systems, processes and platforms. Then we offer you advice, remediation or a custom-built solution that will let you use that data to make solid business decisions.

Our Approach

With more than 30 years of supporting clients’ data needs, Omni has the experience to design unique data management and analysis solutions for your organization. We listen to your needs and evaluate your existing systems, rules and key performance indicators before we step in with any suggestions.

Our consultants learn how you use your data, and — leveraging our knowledge of data processing, warehousing and analytics — develop customized solutions that help you store, manage and understand your business’s data using tools like Power BI, Tableau, Cognos and others.

What We Do

Omni’s team provides a comprehensive suite of scalable services and products to help your business manage and understand its data. We’re a data-agnostic team that suggests only the solutions that are right for your organization, but we’re also specialists: our partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, AWS, K2 and MarkLogic mean we are experts when it comes to their tools and services. We can help you do the following:

Where are you keeping your data? Integrate all your business intelligence data into a single data warehouse. Seeing all your data in one place will let you explore the data as a whole, recognize patterns and unlock deeper business insights.

Can you see and understand your data? Combine data from multiple sources into models that are then used to guide your business’s most important decisions.

If you’re a Microsoft customer, you most likely already have access to Power BI. The question is, are you using it? Leverage its dashboards and reporting features to make your data understandable to everyone on your team and others in the organization.

Using more than one BI platform? Eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency and reduce your costs by consolidating your business intelligence platforms.

How safe is your data? Create a master data management strategy to ensure your data is safe, secure and always in the right hands.

Omni wants its clients to understand data management and BI long after our consultants leave the premises. We teach your whole team how to use your BI system, keep your data safe and leverage data analytics to unlock business insights.

When was the last time your SQL server had a tune-up? Without regular attention, databases deteriorate over time. Develop a proactive or predictive maintenance plan to keep your data warehouses in optimal condition.

Are you interested in learning how your business can better leverage its data? Contact us today to learn what better data management and analytics can mean for your business.

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