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Blockchain is probably one of the most-discussed technologies in the world right now, and for good reason. As a shared, public, permanent database, blockchain can be put to several uses for businesses. It can be a quick, secure way to send and receive payments, assist auditors by providing an immutable record of files, and even serve as a secure voting system. Find out how your organization can leverage the benefits of blockchain with Omni.

Our Approach

Omni’s consultants have the experience to design a blockchain that will meet your needs, but first we take the time to understand what those needs are. There’s a reason we take our time getting to know you: blockchain isn’t right for everyone. Our consultants know that, and will review your needs to see if blockchain works for your use case. If not, our consultants will use their experience to suggest other database solutions that will meet your needs.

What We Do

Our developers are among the few in our area with experience building a blockchain. Our team is prepared to offer the following services:


Our team can help you understand your options; we’ll help you understand whether you should be using a private network or a public one, and if your project should use Ethereum, Hyperledger, or another distributed ledger technology.


Blockchain is a network, we don’t work with just your company. Our consultants talk with all the stakeholders in your block network, and make sure everyone’s on the same page.


Our consultants help you decide which components need to be on your blockchain and identify the smart contracts that need to be implemented for your use case.


Our team writes the smart contracts for your blockchain, sets up the network you’ll use for the chain, creates the external databases and applications that support your blockchain.


Blockchain and Bitcoin. They've been all over the Internet, the news and social media ever since they came to prominence in the early 2010s. But despite the fact that blockchain and Bitcoin are often invoked as technologies that should be invested in, how much does the average business actually know about them? How much does the average business owner need to know about them?

Download author of That Book on Blockchain: A One-Hour Intro, Jonathan Morley’s presentation to learn how blockchain may fit into your business.

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