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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of the next business revolution. Many leading companies have started making significant investments in AI, while others are feeling competitive pressure to adopt or fall behind. Despite the buzz around artificial intelligence, many of those who are interested in AI may not completely understand what it is or how it can help their businesses become more efficient and profitable. At Omni, we focus on making sure you understand AI and its applications, before you start your journey with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Our Approach

It all starts with a call. Once you’re ready to explore AI, one of our analysts will pick up the phone to discuss your interest and your business needs. Then, we’ll set up a workshop to help educate you about AI and to help us learn how best to apply it to your current initiatives. After that we’ll start planning your journey with AI, drawing up a roadmap, possibly building out a proof of concept project to test the waters before jumping in with both feet and developing a customized AI solution.

AI Offerings Summary

What We Do


Omni’s team provides a comprehensive suite of scalable services and products to help your business manage and understand its data. We’re a data-agnostic team that suggests only the solutions that are right for your organization, but we’re also specialists. We can help you do the following:

Before you can implement AI, you need to cut through the buzz and gain an understanding of what AI is, and what it can do for your business. Omni is focused on education and boosting awareness about how AI really works and how you can use it to address your needs. Our experts will spend a day with you, teaching you about AI, and learning about your current initiatives so we can better understand the use cases that will apply to your business.

A deeper, more thorough form of our Workshop, the roadmapping process begins with formal interviews with you, your staff and your stakeholders, and an analysis of your data and current systems. This process, which takes a week to a month, is necessary so that we can determine whether your data is AI-ready, and so we can identify and refine the AI use cases which apply to your business. We will also identify any other barriers to AI adoption, and explain how to overcome them. It is during this period that we will also identify possible Proof of Concept projects that will help us test the viability of AI in your organization.

Once we’ve worked together to identify your use case, needs and stakeholders, Omni will create a low-investment Proof of Concept to showcase what an AI solution could look like in your business. This project, takes weeks to months to develop, depending upon its complexity, and it is a test. The Proof of Concept will determine whether AI can use your business’s data to solve the problem you have identified. We may also, during this stage, uncover additional opportunities for AI to help your businesses.

Once the proof of concept has been successful, our developers will move on to production, and begin building out your solution. How that solution will look, depends on your needs: it might be an app, or we might build out a Data Mining or Business Intelligence solution. Your AI solution might live in on premises or in the cloud, depending on what works for you and on what systems you currently have in place. We are platform agnostic, meaning we will do the best we can to develop your AI solution with the tools and platforms you have already invested in. If we don’t think your existing systems can do the job, we will recommend a better system.

Our developers don’t just build your solution and leave town. We design a maintenance program for your solution. We’re also constantly on the lookout for other ways AI can help your business. Once you’ve got one AI solution in place, adding others will be easier; you’ll see more opportunities for AI to transform your business, and the platform will already be in place to support those new solutions.

Are you interested in learning how AI can advance your business? Contact us today and we can show you how to create the appropriate workflows and operationalize the output for maximum results.

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