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Maybe you've got a technology challenge and need a smart but objective perspective. Or, maybe you need input on a new technology but can't commit a full-time person to it just yet. Or, perhaps you just need more people to get everything done.

Whether it's working on core back-end systems (like the cloud, DevOps or performing automation and testing), developing front-end user interfaces or tackling brand new challenges like loT, Omni's team of experts will work side-by-side with you to make it happen and drive your business forward.

What Do We Offer?

Custom Web and Mobile Application Development


Data Management and Analytics


Cloud and DevOps


Business Process Management
Technology Staff Augmentation
Software Analysis & Technology Road Mapping



about_icon_6 Quality Assurance & Project Management


Benefits of working with Omni

Full Stack Consultants

Our team of software engineers has expertise in developing solutions from database design all the way to the front-end. Whether you use .NET, Java, Node.js, Angular or all the above, we have you covered. 

Project Management

Don’t know where to get started? Our team has experience working with clients to take their ideas and turn them into robust solutions.

Wisconsin-Based Software Developers

As a company based in Wisconsin, most of Omni's software developers have deep roots in the area. Experience the confidence and trust around our Midwestern work ethic.

100% Employee Owned

Since Omni’s team members are owners of the company, this creates pride of ownership, a heightened sense of responsibility and a commitment to do what’s right.

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