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Meeting Customer Expectations in the Digital Age

  • Date: March 16, 2017
  • By: Keegan O'Brien

Amazon is experimenting with delivery by drones. Apple has reinvented the retail experience - lots of face to face help and no cash registers. Uber optimized the cab-hiring experience with in-app payment and driver reviews.

You are likely a customer of these companies. Your customers are also likely customers of these companies.

Have you thought about what that means for your customers' expectations of you?

Like it or not, agree with it or not, prepare for it or not, having regular interactions with more digitally-adept companies is affecting the expectations your customers have of you.

  • "If Uber can show me potential rides on a map, why can't you tell me where my order is?"
  • "If Apple can take my credit card using a smart phone, why can't you?"
  • "If Amazon can make recommendations based on my past purchases, why can't you?"

Maybe you can't start a drone delivery service tomorrow, but there are some simple ways you can get started to stay current in the digital age.


Check out your competitors.

Actually, how long has it been since you really thought about who your competitors are?

Are there new online offerings that have popped up recently? No sense competing with Acme Corporation down the street if your users are checking out a smartphone app to replace both of you. Watch sites like Angel.com and TechCrunch for emerging ideas in your market.


Listen to your customers.

OK, you might roll your eyes at that. Most companies think they do this already.

Let's go about this a different way.

Who has the keys to your social media channels? Are you ON social media channels? Are you monitoring them for mentions of your company?

What's your target response time to a question posed on Twitter? On Facebook? Via email? When did you last test each of those channels for response time and quality?

Is the same person answering customers in all of those channels? If not, are users getting a different experience in each channel? Have you even thought about putting a voice and tone guide together for all of your employees to use?

Past social media, are you using any sort of survey system to get input from customers? Are you watching review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor?


This isn't optional.

You have to continually adapt your business model to the new expectations your customers have.

Can you streamline your purchasing process?

Can you run usability testing on your website or app and find ways to improve?

Can you offer personal or local services to compliment rather than compete with online offerings?

Should you be adding a Chief Experience Officer to round out your C-Suite, unite your customer experience improvement efforts, and make someone accountable for improving them?

We Can Help

Sometimes outside eyes and ears can help. If you need assistance getting a sense of where you are at with meeting customer expectations in a digital age, please contact us. We'll put together a plan for how you can improve. We've even got someone working on that drone delivery thing.

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Keegan O'Brien

Keegan O’Brien works as Marketing Manager for Omni Resources. Keegan manages the social media platforms for Omni and helps to plan and manage all promotional efforts for the organization. Prior to Omni, he taught marketing at the high school level in the Fox Valley for over 10 years. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a marketing education degree and a minor in business administration.

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