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sharepoint question-01What is Microsoft Flow?

Flow is Microsoft’s business process automation software. It connects your applications to form simple automated processes, or workflows.

sharepoint icon-02What is Flow used for?

Flow creates workflows by linking applications with chains of commands to automate tasks. For example, you might set up a workflow that sends you a text when someone is tweeting about your organization. Or you can automatically copy files from OneDrive to SharePoint. Or get a notification on your phone if someone cancels a meeting. Or you can ensure that all email attachments received in Outlook are automatically uploaded to OneDrive.

sharepoint icon-02Why do organizations need Flow?

 Its lightweight:
Flow is business process management for small businesses or for organizations that might not have experience with Business Process Management (BPM) or which might not need complex workflows automated.

 It automates manual processes:
You can use Flow to automate tasks you do manually saving yourself and your team time and frustration. And because it’s so simple, Flow can be used on an enterprise level — to automate approvals, for example — or by individuals who need to automate a daily task, like syncing up calendars.

 Organizations with Office 365 may already have it:
Flow is a good tool for organizations that have already invested in Microsoft because allows you to connect all of Microsoft’s applications in workflows, and also connects out to more than 200 services, including external sources like Twitter or Dropbox.

sharepoint-list-iconWhat we do

If your organization is not already familiar with business process management and automation, Flow can be overwhelming at first. If you are familiar with BPM and are already using more robust automation applications, you might not know how to connect Flow with those application.

As a Microsoft gold partner in Wisconsin with extensive experience in BPM, Omni can help your business better understand BPM, evaluate your business process, and help you set up custom workflows in Flow to meet your needs.

Contact Omni to find out how you can best use Microsoft Flow.

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