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new-opportunity.jpg The Opportunity

Second generation leader Steve Utech was looking for a way to grow the family business, beyond a billable hours consulting model. The firm offered a unique perspective on employee engagement with analysis methods that took years to master. That made the organization particularly dependent on its owners and vulnerable to employee attrition. Utech was looking for new ways to extend their expertise with a modern data analytics tool that fit their firm’s distinct approach. 

new-solution.jpg The Solution

Omni helped Utech build Illumyx, a web-based culture analytics tool that uses predictive data models to identify key cultural drivers and high ROI areas for employee engagement. 

The team began by customizing a survey tool to match Utech’s bespoke reporting approach. Next up, an interactive dashboard which generated easy-to-understand charts and graphs, and allowed clients to slice and dice their own data using an intuitive interface. 

Using the tool’s predictive capabilities, HR leaders can move away from static historical reporting toward future indicators of attrition and performance, getting greater insight into how to move the needle with specific employee groups. 

Built on a Kentico platform, the web-based tool provides a secure way for Utech clients to access their data, as well as backend support so Utech can easily manage users. 

“I loved the process,” said Steve Utech, citing Omni’s agile development approach that included collaborative strategizing and ideation. “Not only did they come up with better ideas, they came up with ideas that saved me money.”

new-impact.jpg Omni's Impact

Analytics is rapidly becoming a core capability for human resource teams. With this new system, Utech Consulting now provides a leading-edge solution that allows its customers to master their HR data. 

Users can quickly aggregate information and access downloadable reports with high level summaries, interactive charts and associations between culture indicators, risks and employee cohorts. What’s more, the new platform guides HR experts to action by automatically identifying the highest and best areas for return on investment.  

“I think they transformed my business,” said Utech. “I feel like they transformed my life in some ways. This platform is giving us the opportunity to scale up our business and broaden our impact. I’m having the most fun ever.”



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