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OpportunityThe Opportunity

Before Omni’s involvement, The Parking Spot was managing an East Coast parking lot impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The on-site parking team lost power and internet, and with it, all access to customer data. Lot attendants had no way to verify whose car belonged to whom.

As a company, The Parking Spot didn’t want to be in that position again. They wanted a mobile app that could go offline without losing key functionality. They needed a solution that could handle fluid logistics, managing thousands of cars, vehicle services and ever-changing schedules. And, they wanted to build revenue by upselling car care services directly from the parking lot.

SolutionThe Solution

Omni designed a handheld tool and built a mobile application that parking lot attendants could use to handle point-of-sale transactions, process credit card payments and track vehicle inventory. The iOS application syncs, in real time, to the company’s web reservation system, call center and service garages—so everyone is on the same page, even when schedules change. Data is transmitted via WiFi but, thanks to a data synchronization engine that Omni developed, key systems will work in offline mode during internet outages. 

Lot attendants can now view stored data to access vehicle ownership and location information. They can continue to sell services, track inventory and collect customer information, all of which is stored in the handheld device until internet connectivity is restored and company-wide systems are updated.

A clear, color-coded signal alerts parking lot attendants when internet services go down. The interface automatically informs attendants that credit card data cannot be processed and presents alternate data fields to collect a customer’s name and phone number for later payment. Notably, point-of-sale tools are designed to minimize PCI compliance costs and don’t hold any personal credit card data.

The handheld devices are built using iPod Touch units with a Linea Pro wrapper for barcode scanning, card reading capabilities and durability. A mobile receipt printer hangs from the lot attendant’s belt and communicates wirelessly with the handheld.

ImpactThe Impact

Thanks to the new app and data synchronization system, The Parking Spot can operate with assurance that customer service will continue as planned, even during internet outages. The company now has an efficient, handheld system for scanning vehicle inventory and for upselling car care services directly from the lot.

Meanwhile, everyone across the company has access to up-to-date information on vehicle location and service needs—even when storms are brewing, flights are delayed or customer orders change.


The Parking Spot is a full-service parking provider to 20 major airports in the U.S., offering long term parking plus detailing and car care services.



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