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opportunity.jpg The Opportunity

After Omni developed a sales forecasting tool for STRATTEC, the next step was to leverage that business intelligence to calculate resource capacity. STRATTEC was already receiving demand estimates from its customers, but the company didn’t have an efficient way of analyzing that data at a granular level.

solution.jpg The Solution

Omni built a machine utilization system that integrates with STRATTEC’s sales forecasting and manufacturing efficiency systems. Using powerful analytics, leaders can predict future utilization of manufacturing resources, with full visibility into parts, components, customers, resource availability, location, capabilities and more.

The result allows STRATTEC to better allocate resources, enabling the manufacturer to ramp up capacity according to a planned, proactive schedule. Leaders get visibility into future resource needs so they can formulate accurate resource plans and avoid business-critical risks.

A future iteration of the tool, already in development, will provide STRATTEC with “what if” analysis capabilities. Managers will be able to simulate the impact of various demand scenarios on operations and capacity.

impact.jpg Omni's Impact

Using the machine utilization tool, STRATTEC can optimize resource plans. The data helps leaders improve utilization and productivity, balancing costs against capacity and supply against demand.

Machine utilization data adds to profitability by ensuring the company has enough resources to fill customer orders without over-investing in equipment or facility resources.


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