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opportunity.jpg The Opportunity

After 35 years in business, Spring Green recognized a need to better integrate sales, marketing and customer care data. The company wanted to give local marketing control to its franchisors while still maintaining corporate visibility into sales transactions and marketing return on investment (ROI). Spring Green also wanted a customer service platform that provided timely, relevant access to customer information for both local field reps as well as its national inbound service team.

solution.jpg The Solution

Omni developed a customized customer service and marketing automation system to keep track of all customer touch points. With the new system, franchisees log into the marketing tool to create campaigns. They choose the customer demographics they want to target and the type of direct marketing each group should receive (e.g. single, two-touch or three-touch mailing).

The tool includes a cost calculator, so franchisees can adjust the target market to meet their budget. At the same time, Omni built a mobile customer service app that integrates with the marketing database. Now sales reps know exactly which promotion a prospect has received, so they can provide a seamless sales experience.

Plus, new customer tracking tools enable franchisors to send out timed reminders when lawn services are due as well as other targeted marketing based on a customer’s purchase history.

impact.jpg Omni's Impact

Spring Green can now effectively manage millions of individual customer interactions and make sense of the resulting data. Franchisees give the company high marks for its web-based business software and comprehensive marketing programs.

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