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OpportunityThe Opportunity

Originally a Madison, Wisconsin startup, ShopBop quickly gained a reputation for being first-to-market with the newest designer products. The company was acquired by Amazon in 2006.

In 2014, ShopBop leadership decided to shut down its data center and transition onto Amazon’s internal technology platforms. But before it could make the move, more than 50 ShopBop applications had to be certified and pass an Amazon security review. 

SolutionThe Solution

Omni provided the consulting support ShopBop needed to meet Amazon’s compliance requirements. Omni helped ShopBop interpret the requirements and develop a repeatable framework for executing the necessary audits. Once that process was developed, Omni brought in additional resources to complete the audit by Amazon’s deadline.

ImpactThe Impact

Now ShopBop has a process in place to certify every new application it creates.

“We needed extra bandwidth to get this project done, and Omni made that happen,” says Scott Duttkin, ShopBop’s software development manager.


ShopBop, a division of Amazon, is a fashion industry giant. The online retailer curates designer clothing and accessories, selling to customers in more than 165 countries.

“Omni worked on understanding what went into those security reviews and put together an implementation plan to get us over the finish line." 

Scott Duttkin
Software Development Manager 


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