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OpportunityThe Opportunity

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) company specializing in dealership software engaged Omni to help build the next major revision of their dealer website solution. The update needed to deliver responsive design, advanced showroom integration and faceted search. The goal was to provide independent dealers with a high impact website that better integrated with their inventory and improved the customer shopping experience.

SolutionThe Solution

Working in partnership with the customer’s technology team, Omni crafted a website creator that delivered simple, responsive design capabilities. Now dealers can be assured that their sites will look good in any format, whether viewed on a desktop, tablet or phone. Omni also integrated an online showroom and inventory listing tool that worked with the provider’s existing suite of dealer management software.

The new solution provides a turnkey way for dealers to link their inventory with a massive library of manufacturer images and product literature. Plus, a powerful multi-faceted search feature allows customers to explore dealer inventory using multi-layered filters such as size, price, color, brand and more. The tool also provides dealers with an intuitive environment to load pre-owned inventory. Plus, a featured inventory widget gives each dealer an easy way to highlight specific products on its website homepage.

ImpactThe Impact

The updated website creator has helped this software company maintain customer affinity and increase sales. Now even small, independent dealers can look and feel like a big e-commerce company. End users can shop online with their local dealership and get the same responsive design and search functionality they’ve come to expect from national retailers. According to the customer’s Manager of Application Development, Omni’s team was able to hit the ground running, rapidly expanding the existing development team.

“The team that joined us was able to coach and mentor my group, and that left a lasting mark. We not only got the work product, we got experience and training, and hands-on learning directly in the new technology we were using.”

Application Development

“Omni provided us with a dedicated and experienced team. They integrated into our process and were productive very quickly. That enabled us to grow our team and fill in the experience gaps.”

Application Development


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