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opportunity.jpg The Opportunity

A former computer programmer, RhinoDox president Justin Ullman understood the potential of emerging database management tools. He saw an opportunity to radically update his company’s enterprise content management solution—and shake up industry norms for content aggregation, search and retrieval.

He employed a trusted consulting team, but the firm’s traditional development approach meant long delays between demos, inadequate collaboration and missed opportunities to course correct. In order to accelerate Ullman’s vision, one of his national software partners suggested he look to Omni for support.

solution.jpg The Solution

Omni made dual contributions in terms of project management and technical development to supplement RhinoDox’s existing team.

Omni rapidly introduced an Agile development model, providing viable software demonstrations every two weeks. With the opportunity to see their vision executed in stages, Ullman and his team were better able to communicate functional needs and objectives while simultaneously uncovering new project potential.

“We started to see this quality throughput,” said Ullman. “You could never get too far off course, and things we hadn’t dreamed about in the beginning suddenly became apparent and approachable.”

And while Omni brought expanded technical capabilities to the table, Ullman suggests that project management was a real tipping point in terms of success.

“Omni’s project manager took a complex situation, with multiple vendors and pain points, and made it seem like we were all on the same team, sitting in the same office,” said Ullman. What’s more, he quickly found confidence that Omni was looking out for his best interests, as the team actively helped evaluate the cost-benefit of certain upgrades.

“We quickly found this synergy and harmony,” he says. “We had really talented people looking out for our best interests, developing something that people in the industry are talking about as something new and different.”

impact.jpg Omni's Impact

In its new iteration, WorkLight delivers revolutionary capabilities in terms of data and content aggregation and retrieval. Built on top of the MarkLogic database, WorkLight can search millions of enterprise files and billions of words and data, at a word-by-word level, and return results in just milliseconds. It’s like putting the world’s leading search engine on top of your own secured business information.

Plus, WorkLight offers leading workflow automation with K2 integration. The results being, as insight grows, organizations can take action on those insights with improved business processes. Or as they like to say, “Better Information. Better Decisions.”

But for Ullman, Omni’s impact goes beyond getting the WorkLight upgrade back on time, on budget, and (most importantly) on vision. He now sees Omni as a long-term partner that will continue to execute on growth plans and innovation.

“Thanks to Omni, we’re building features that are important to people and delivering that faster,” Ullman said. “When one of my customers says, ‘I’d like this,’ and Omni can turn that around and make it a reality in just two weeks, that’s really something.”


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