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OpportunityThe Opportunity

Miller Electric was searching for a better way to deliver performance data from its welding equipment. A competitor had an online solution that allowed users to view welding data, but Miller saw an opportunity to do much more.

Miller wanted to provide its customers with real-time access to welding performance information, in an easy-to-understand format that would allow managers to spot inefficiencies immediately, without a lot of calculations and analysis.

SolutionThe Solution

Omni partnered with Miller Electric to develop Insight Core™, a cloud-based solution that transmits and analyzes welding data in real-time. The solution—which collects information such as arc-on time, arc starts and voltage—allows manufacturers to monitor productivity and quality standards while work is in progress.

Insight Core provides a live summary of welding cell performance, replacing what was once a manual download process on the production floor. As part of the solution, Omni developed a dashboard which provides a daily summary of performance metrics and real-time alerts when welds fall outside predetermined threshold limits for amperage and voltage.

Now, manufacturers can view company-wide data or generate custom reports for discrete views by fleet, cell or workstation. Insight Core also allows managers to set custom goals, making it easy to establish continuous improvement targets and monitor progress.  

ImpactThe Impact

For Miller Electric, the Insight Core solution was an opportunity to jump ahead of the competition with best-in-class technology that redefined how welding data should be delivered.

For Miller’s customers, Insight Core provides a way to identify productivity bottlenecks, identify potential operator training needs and gain greater insight into welding costs. 

Miller Electric is the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding equipment. Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, Miller Electric is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works.

“Our customers wanted a better understanding of what was happening in the welding cell. For some of our customers, this was really new, eye- opening data."

Nate Lamers
Director of Information Technology
Illinois Tool Works, Miller Electric's parent company


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