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OpportunityThe Opportunity

As a startup firm, Ignite Oil engaged Omni to develop a customer portal to manage fuel orders—a key piece of infrastructure that would be central to Ignite’s modern, tech-savvy brand.

SolutionThe Solution

Omni developed SPARK, a custom online ordering system that Ignite customers can use to initiate their own orders, monitor fuel pricing and track fuel usage. Customers can access the SPARK system 24/7 via a responsive website or mobile app.

SPARK provides customers with the ability to order fuel on-demand or to schedule recurring fuel deliveries. Order history tools give customers complete visibility into their purchases, allowing them to analyze pricing Ignite Oil Leads Fuel Market with Industry-First Customer Portal and Mobile App and fuel usage by equipment, project and region.

Internally, the SPARK application integrates with Ignite Oil’s own accounting software, eliminating the need to double enter any data. And, by integrating the front-end ordering and back-end accounting systems, Ignite Oil benefits from greater opportunities to analyze sales data and business trends. 

ImpactThe Impact

Omni delivered value from day one, leading an innovative ideation session that challenged preconceived notions and helped Ignite develop a vision of what was possible. Moreover, Omni demonstrated how the project could rollout in phases, giving Ignite a solid technology solution to launch its business plus a concrete plan for future development.

With SPARK, Ignite Oil stands apart from the competition, delivering a seamless customer experience with less downtime, fewer errors and simplified ordering.


Ignite Oil is a fuel management company, specializing in direct fuel delivery to the customer’s fleet or job site.

“We sat down for a couple of hours and brainstormed, and they helped us see what our ordering tool could do. They’re innovative and responsive when needs arise. We’re in this for the long haul with Omni. We feel like we’re in this together.”

Corrine Kluth
Ignite Oil


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