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opportunity.jpg The Opportunity

Elevate97 needed an update to its ShopDev™ application, a web-based portal that customers and retail partners use to manage orders, inventory and campaigns. The tool needed a new look, a mobile-friendly design and faster response times.

solution.jpg The Solution

Omni updated ShopDev™ with a new front-end interface. Developers introduced Angular technology, which allows on-screen information to update immediately, without requiring a page refresh.

Omni also used the Bootstrap framework to implement a fully responsive site design. That means retail partners can now manage brand promotions via an iPad or other tablet, directly from the sales floor.

Plus, Omni retooled some of the application’s business logic, which mean that customers could manage their orders in fewer steps, on fewer screens. In the past, Elevate97 customers had to navigate through six or seven pages to manage one product—but now they can do that all from one screen. Meanwhile, Omni’s consultants managed to keep most of the existing database architecture in place, minimizing project costs.

“ShopDev 2.0 is the ultimate shopping cart for our B2B business partners.”

Kate Burgess

See a video of ShopDev™ 2.0 in action: http://elevate97.com/shopdev/

impact.jpg Omni's Impact

Previously, it was common for Elevate97 customers to get frustrated with the order interface. As a result, they often called customer service to have some input orders for them. Now, the tool is intuitive and easy to use, meaning customers can complete orders on their own. The updated tool delivers the functionality Elevate97 needed to bring on some additional well-known brands without a large increase in customer service staff.

As Elevate97 worked with Omni, the project grew to include a total build-out of ShopDev, Shop Visit, and a handful of reusable microsites. Over the course of the partnership, Elevate97 gained increasing trust in Omni’s technical skills and vision. Project directives shifted from prescriptive to collaborative as Omni brought fresh ideas and increased capabilities to the table. 


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