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OpportunityThe Opportunity

Breakthrough Fuel did groundbreaking work when it developed the algorithms and business logic that could collect and analyze fuel price data from more than 8,000 fueling outlets nationwide. The company also tracks alternative fuel prices and intermodal shipping costs. All in all, it’s a whopping load of data.

As business expanded, Breakthrough Fuel found itself in the enviable position of being on track to have more data than its databases could handle. The company was outgrowing its initial database design and certain query times had increased to a painful level. Meanwhile, as business processes evolved, company analysts wanted the capacity to do even more detailed reporting.

SolutionThe Solution

Omni worked alongside Breakthrough Fuel developers to gain a thorough understanding of their system and design a solution that would move information from a transactional database into a data warehouse.

Information architecture was designed in such a way that frequently accessed information is held separately from the data they use for deeper analysis. As a result, query time shrunk dramatically, down to less than a second.

As part of the project, Omni developed methodology for ensuring that data integrity is maintained as information is being moved. With built-in verification tools, Breakthrough Fuel, and its clients, can rest assured that the information in its data warehouse is true and accurate.

ImpactThe Impact

With the new data warehouse, Breakthrough Fuel is set up for long-term growth. Internal analysts have a timely and reliable source of business data and automated query systems can communicate seamlessly with the transactional database. Ryan Decker, Vice President of Energy Technologies at Breakthrough Fuel, says his team is excited when they have an opportunity to work with Omni.

They already know quite a bit about our business and they know where we’re heading. They can hit the ground running quite quickly. It’s been a productive relationship.

Ryan Decker
Vice President of Energy Technologies
Breakthrough Fuel


Breakthrough Fuel revolutionized shipping by developing technology that calculates a shipper’s true fuel costs based on actual prices along a shipper’s route (not the weekly DOE Index). Since inception, Breakthrough Fuel has saved its customers more than $375 million in fuel costs.

“Omni is our preferred partner. The relationship we have with them has been very good and project outcomes have been solid.  We're looking forward to doing more work with them in the future."

Ryan Decker
VP of Energy Technologies
Breakthrough Fuel


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