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What's Going On!? (In Tech)

A part of being a nerd^H^H^H^H technologist is maintaining an awareness of what is going on out there. For me that awareness takes a few different forms. Meetups, Slack/IRC, and most regularly RSS.

RSS may have been declared dead by content companies back in 2013 (they couldn't monetize it) but self-publishing, blogs, and the general internet community continue to publish RSS/ATOM feeds and aggregation, making the technology a viable way to stay on top of current events in tech.

I continuously cultivate content sources in my RSS reader "Feedly" (handy web/mobile clients https://feedly.com) and check it many times throughout the day.

Being focused on Linux system administration, "DevOps", development, and leveraging open source software I categorize my feeds like this:

Aggregators - These are high signal-to-noise compilations of the latest happenings. Note the absence of reddit which in my opinion is too noise-to-signal.

Hacker News Daily 
Inks rss 

AWS - Keep an eye on a provider of computing infrastructure.

AWS Blog
AWS Compute Blog 
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Service Status 
What's New 

Bloggers - These are people(not large companies) who blog on various topics that I have found interesting.

Accidentally Quadratic 
All Things Dork
Allison Kaptur 
An Active Coder 
Aphyr: Posts 
Charlie Brown 
Cogito, Ergo Sumana 
DHMN Civic Hacks 
Daemonic Dispatches 
Dan Luu 
Derek Sivers 
Elided Branches 
Embedded.fm Blog 
Homing on Code 
JJG's Preposter.us Blog 
Julia Evans 
Mike Putnam 
Nick Craver 
OSS Blog 
RankFocus – Systems and Data 
Rosack Software Solutions 
See Shy Jo 
Simplest Example 
Sober Security 
Squid's Blog 
The Universe of Discourse 
Virantha Namal Ekanayake 
Vladimir Vuksan's Blog 

Comics - Get some levity.

Classic Programmer Paintings 
Cube Drone 
Molly Beans – A life in Development 
Poorly Drawn Lines 
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 
The Oatmeal - Comics, Quizzes, & Stories 

DevOps - Open source projects, companies, and bloggers who focus on DevOps.

Ansible Blog 
Dean Wilson@UnixDaemon 
DevOps Reactions 
Devpost Blog 
Docker Blog 
EverythingSysadmin Blog 
GitHub Engineering 
Rancher Labs
Standalone Sysadmin 
The GitHub Blog 

Makerspaces - I like makerspaces.

Appleton Makerspace 
Homebuilt Engineers 
Milwaukee Makerspace 
Wisconsin Makers 

Programming - Relevant blogs for development methodologies or happenings.

GitHub Trends 
ImportPython Blog 
Martin Fowler 
PyMOTW – Doug Hellmann 
Python Insider 
The Clean Code Blog 

Security - I read this the most often. Gotta be ready for the next vulnerability that needs immediate attention on your infrastructure!

Jenkins Advisories 
Latest Bulletins 
National Vulnerability Database 
Ubuntu Security Notices 

Podcasts - I'm including podcasts here because over time I have cultivated the list, but owing to my reading habits (frequent quick scans of news) I don't actually listen to these regularly.

5 Minutes of JavaScript 
App Masters 
Arrested DevOps 
BSD Now Ogg 
Coder Radio – Jupiter Broadcasting 
DevOps Blog
DevOps Cafe Podcast 
Full Stack Radio 
Garbage fm podcast 
Herding Code 
JSJ Episodes – Devchat.tv 
Lately in JavaScript podcast 
Programming Throwdown 
Python Bytes 
Software Engineering Daily 
Talk Python To Me 
The Bike Shed 
The Changelog 
The Cloudcast 
The Creative Coding Podcast 
The Debug Log 
The Ship Show 

Mike Putnam

About Author Mike Putnam

Mike Putnam is a former Solutions Consultant with Omni. He is a developer + system admin = DevOps! with experience on AWS. A big proponent of open source software and community, Mike helped get the Appleton Makerspace off the ground, ran the Northeast Wisconsin Linux Users group for a while, and participated in the first Appleton Civic Hackathon. You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikeputnam.


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