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Three MarkLogic Case Studies

It's no secret that we kinda have a tech-crush on MarkLogic.

We've written about:

The Meat

As the classic rock song goes -

You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?Pink Floyd

We've had some meat.

Now how about that pudding?

You know, that pudding in which you find the proof?

The Pudding

Whether a good case study is the meat or the pudding aside, let's look at three cases where MarkLogic proved a good solution.


Think your database requirements are complex? Or that your project timeline is tight?

More-so than the US Department of Health and Human Services, acting after the approval of the Affordable Care Act of 2010?

Complexity, yes. Tight schedule, yes. Also - stringent security requirements, unclear data specifications, and a need for scalability.

Marklogic was the solution because it offered:

  • Faster time to production.
  • Nearly limitless scalability with record-breaking performance.
  • A seamless online shopping experience for Healthcare.gov users.
  • Confidence to manage and integrate confidential user information.
- Source

Download a PDF of the complete US Department of Health and Human Services case study.


Did you know "reinsurance" was a thing? Sometimes your insurance provider buys insurance. That's reinsurance.

Hannover Re is the 3rd largest provider of reinsurance in the world. They now use Marklogic. They wanted to create a solution to provide their clients a 360-degree view of relevant data.

The amount of relevant data was huge. The end result needed to be simple. And the data included health information, so security was a priority.

A MarkLogic solution provided the benefits of:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Managed risk
  • Reduced complexity and costs
  • Realtime information availability and scalability

- Source

Download a PDF of the Hannover Re case study.

Enterprise Software

RhinoDox offers a cloud-based enterprise content management and workflow solution called WorkLight.

RhinoDox recently partnered with Omni Solutions in order to speed up development of WorkLight.

Omni brought RhinoDox:

  • Expanded technical capabilities
  • Project management expertise
  • An Agile development process
  • MarkLogic expertise

The end result?

A richer featureset in the finished product, built in a quicker fashion than before.

Read the complete case study.


Hungry for some of that "proof pudding"?

Give us a call. We'll cook some more up and set you a place at the table.

Elijah Bernstein-Cooper

About Author Elijah Bernstein-Cooper

Elijah Bernstein-Cooper is a former solutions consultant with Omni. He developed applications with MarkLogic. Prior to Omni, Elijah received his masters in astrophysics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he expanded his repertoire in data science. Elijah’s background in astrophysical data science complemented with NoSQL development allows him to provide fresh solutions for businesses’ challenges in data governance and analysis.


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