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What’s the Difference Between a Talent Acquisition Specialist and a Recruiter?

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At first glance, recruiting and talent acquisition might seem like the same thing — both involve finding technology consultants and IT talent and placing those consultants in open positions. That, however, is where the similarities end. What’s the difference? Here are two quick definitions:

How Omni’s recruiters found one man the perfect IT job – twice.

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Recently, I started leading the Talent Acquisition Team at Omni and have been amazed by the hard work and dedication of our seasoned recruiters. Their role is more than filling vacancies – they focus on finding long-term candidates for positions that require a specific skill set. They are passionate about working with each candidate to make sure a match is the best possible fit for both the candidate and the client. Here’s a story that demonstrates this dedication.

This is the one thing every consultant should look for in an IT consulting company.

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There has never been a better time to be a technology consultant. The technology talent crunch is real, thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, the competition between companies for top IT talent and the limited number of professionals with sought-after technological skills. That means that if you're an IT consultant, you've got a lot of choices. Agencies are after you. Corporations want you. Small to mid-size businesses need you. Recruiters are banging down your door. So how do you know which opportunities to pursue? The short answer? Work for the technology consulting company that prioritizes your happiness. That might sound trite but consultant happiness is important for a consulting firm, says Omni Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Kaycee Whitaker.

Well Paid but Bored: 5 Things to Do When Your IT Job Bores You

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You've been at your job for a while, and, on paper, it looks great: your job pays well, the benefits are good and you've negotiated a flexible schedule. All of these things are great and you're grateful for them but there's a problem: you're bored. Maybe you've been doing the work long enough that it's not fulfilling. Maybe you've risen as far as you can at this job. So what do you do when you don't want to leave your benefits but your boredom makes you dread going to work? First of all, take heart because you're not alone. According to Gallup's State of the American Workplace report, of the 100 million workers in the US workforce, 67 percent are disengaged.

Are Consultants Always On The Road? The Top 5 Myths About Becoming an IT Consultant

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You've got a great job in IT – you're full-time, you get good benefits and you're well paid, but you're bored. Maybe you've climbed the ladder as far as you can at your job. Or maybe you have your own business, but time you have to spend finding clients takes you away from the development work you love. Or maybe you're just starting out but you don't know where you should look for work.

Adventures in Editors

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Text editors are strange when you’re a developer. At first glance, it seems like they should be some of the simplest applications on your machine; but as a developer it also most likely your most used. This, coupled with the fact that “good programmers are lazy” and want to get things done as easily as possible, means text editors have been the focus of a lot of time by a lot of motivated people. This of course, leads to editors that are constantly changing, whether it be updated versions, new features, new plugins, or entirely different editors. This also means that everyone has their own preference, with some being much more enthusiastic about their choice than others. For those that don’t start religions based on pieces of software, your preferences likely change over time, and this is how that happened for me.

Omni in Your Community

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In 2015, I made the transition from teaching marketing to high school students to managing marketing efforts for Omni. There are days I miss the impact I made in the classroom and the connections I made. So, when the opportunity came up this past year to volunteer in my son’s second grade class as a Junior Achievement rep I said yes without hesitation.

2017 Tech Year in Review

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As we call it a wrap on 2017, I asked our team for their insight on the biggest things to happen in tech during the year. They knew the drill. I asked them the same question last year around this time in regard to 2016. In typical fashion, I was given the “just share this” line from a consultant…cough, cough…Joshua Szuslik. Others added a bit more to their responses. Let’s find out what they had to share.

2017 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium: Omni's Key Takeaways

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If I asked you to rattle off cities that come to mind when you think of startups, I bet you may list: San Francisco, Austin, New York, LA, Boston, Denver, or some of the other major names. All those locations would make wonderful places to get your startup off the ground, but more entrepreneurs are realizing the challenges those markets produce as well: the inflated cost of living & doing business and heavy competition.