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How Does BPM Work? Let Our Holiday Vlog Show You.

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Welcome back to All Things BPM: A Vlog Dedicated to Business Process Management. This month, everyone’s favorite BPM vlog is having a holiday special featuring none other than Omni’s own Father Christmas: Project Manager and Scrum Master Paul Rasmussen in an ugly sweater!

What is the ROI of business process management? Watch our vlog to find out.

Business Process Management Process Automation Business Processes popular

Your company has just put a lot of money into software that will help your organization’s business process management (BPM). Or maybe your organization is thinking of purchasing software that will help automate processes or has identified a process that needs to be automated. There's just one problem: How do you justify the expense of business process automation (BPA) software? In other words, how do you prove that such a large expense is worth it? The latest episode of Omni's series, All Things BPM with Aaron and Mike: A Vlog Dedicated to Business Process Management, digs into the return on investment, or the ROI, of BPA.

Microsoft Flow: The Little-Known BPM Software You Probably Already Have

Microsoft Business Process Management Process Automation Flow

Wouldn't it be nice if your work calendar synced up with your personal calendar automatically? What if your Human Resources office automatically sent an email to everyone on staff on Thursday, reminding them to get their time sheets in for the week? What if you got an email every time your company was mentioned on Twitter?

Struggling with a Scary Business Process? Watch our BPM vlog.

Business Process Management Process Automation K2

Over-complicated workflows. Redundant information. Gigantic, terrifying, business processes! It can all be so scary. The latest episode of Omni's series, All Things BPM with Aaron and Mike: A Vlog Dedicated to Business Process Management, celebrates Halloween by getting spoooooooky with BPM. Solution Consultant Aaron Carmody and Project Manager Michael Matter spend this episode talking about some of the biggest fears organizations have when it comes to Business Process Management (BPM). So, grab some popcorn, sit back and get ready to confront your BPM fears.

Don't Understand Business Process Management? Watch Our New BPM Vlog.

Business Process Management Process Automation K2 popular

Don't know what Business Process Management (BPM) is? Know what it is, but don't know if you need it? Need to understand more about what it is and how it can help with your business challenges?

Ansible Automates Your Infrastructure

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The Amazon Web Services console allows you to easily create ISO/SOC/HIPPA compliant computing resources out of thin air, with just a few mouse clicks. This is a wonderful thing when compared to the time costs of buying and maintaining your own computing resources. But what happens when you need many servers in multiple regions, or a perfect copy of your production infrastructure for testing, or a way to move your configuration changes through multiple environments? ...and you want them to be configured just so? ...and a security patch was just announced that is required on all of them? That handy-dandy AWS console and all its mouse-clicky-goodness doesn't look so wonderful anymore.