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3 ways insurance companies can use technology to improve customer experience

Insurance Customer Experience

Insurance isn't a physical thing. It’s a promise, a shared understanding, that an insurance company will be there for its customers when they need it — during an illness, after an accident or after some other trauma. Because of this, insurance isn’t a product most people like to think about when everything is going well. If you’re investing in new technologies, this may seem like a problem. How can you get customers who aren’t thinking of insurance right now to use your new technologies? Why build a new application if your customers aren’t going to use it most of the time?

3 Features Every Insurance Portal Needs


Recognize these? Time Bandits Stargate Coraline Monsters, Inc. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Good movies, all. Notice a theme? Portals. A door to another universe. Or the same universe but in a different time. All of these movies feature a portal as a plot device. We are fascinated with portals. I could have easily listed dozens more movies, books, and TV shows that feature some sort of portal the characters go through to find adventure. To find intrigue. Answers. Or love. And then have to get home before the door closes. It's no wonder that the tech world adopted the word portal. Tech portals don't necessary offer adventure or love, but they can still be valuable. Users gain access to the portal and enter to find a diverse set of tools and information.

Software Checklist: Must-Dos Before Launching a New Insurance Product


"Ok, Houston, we've had a problem here." Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert said those words while on the Apollo 13 NASA Mission. He was communicating the discovery of an explosion that had partially disabled their spacecraft. From there the astronauts began their now-famous scramble to figure out how to return home. The checklist they used during that scramble recently sold at auction for over $388,000. The checklist. We all use them. For groceries. For the hardware store. Vacation packing. Christmas shopping. Our checklists usually aren't a life or death situation. But they are still important.

Five Things to Consider When Redesigning Your Customer Insurance Portal


Ah, the redesign project. Smart people. A conference room. A big whiteboard. Stacks of Post-It notes. An array of laptops humming. The smell of fresh coffee. It's exciting to build new. New is fun. New feels productive. New feels world-changing. Before you take your turn at the whiteboard, however, consider these five things for a successful insurance portal redesign. 1. Revisit Your Goals Does this project have goals rooted in portal usage with a relatable ROI? Cost savings or revenue increasing? Is the idea to increase downloads, raise form submission rates, or get more live chat sessions?