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How Your Company Should Be Using SharePoint for Data Management

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Your organization has a lot of data to manage. Your team members create files and documents, your customers generate data and your technology is likely churning out information as well. There are also several options available for storing that data: free services, paid services and even services you may have already invested in but don’t use. So where should you be storing your data so that it’s organized, searchable and shareable with everyone in your organization?

Healthcare and Data Breaches: How Microsoft Office 365 Can Help with Compliance in the Healthcare Industry

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Being in charge of IT for a healthcare organization isn't easy. You're responsible for vast amounts of some of the most sensitive information that an organization can deal in; medical data. You're also dealing with financial information, insurance, securing your organization's Internet of Things (IoT) and other information that requires you to be up on compliance for laws like HIPAA and GDPR. You have to stay within your budget, keep everything updated and make sure all of your organization's tech works. It's a lot, especially for smaller healthcare providers who don't have the budget to constantly update software, maintain a server, hire a large IT staff or — in some cases — keep a compliance officer.

5 Common Myths About Blockchain and Bitcoin

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Blockchain and Bitcoin just turned 10 — both were introduced in August of 2008 and both are beginning to mature into mainstream technologies that have the potential to change the way business is done. Because they are so new, however, there are plenty of misconceptions about each. These misunderstandings run the gamut from over-enthused to jaded. Some people may assume that given the hype, blockchain will solve all their business problems. Others may view blockchain and Bitcoin with extreme suspicion.

2017 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium: Omni's Key Takeaways

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If I asked you to rattle off cities that come to mind when you think of startups, I bet you may list: San Francisco, Austin, New York, LA, Boston, Denver, or some of the other major names. All those locations would make wonderful places to get your startup off the ground, but more entrepreneurs are realizing the challenges those markets produce as well: the inflated cost of living & doing business and heavy competition. 

Talent Upload: Attracting Talent as a Community

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If you have seen a presentation recently about millennials, you have probably heard something along these lines, “millennials aren’t choosing a career or job first. They are choosing a place to live and then figuring out the career part second.” As a Gen-Xer this can be a hard concept for me to grasp, but after interacting with students that take part in Fox Cities Talent Upload, I know it is a very real fact and one that employers need to take seriously.

Looking Out for Women in Technology

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This past September I attended the monthly Women in Technology breakfast series. September’s meeting was a panel of three women CIO’s from the Fox Cities area. They answered questions about their backgrounds, provided tips for difficult situations, and discussed ways to get girls interested in technology careers. What I found the most interesting was that these women had a story much like my own. All of them had taken various steps that led to their careers in technology, despite not ever planning on that future.

Omni Takes on Employee Ownership Month

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For over 20 years, employee-owned companies have been encouraged by the ESOP Association to celebrate this unique trait during the month of October, which has been designated as Employee Ownership Month. Omni has done just that since it went from being privately held by one owner to now being owned by its more than 100 employees.

My Top Ten List for the Annual Employee-Owner Meeting 2016

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Because Omni is an employee-owned company it is important that our owners are given the chance to get together, company-wide, at least once a year. While this isn’t the easiest feat, considering we have locations in Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee, and staff located all throughout the country, we understand that it is important and we make it a priority.

Our Experience with "TEDxDePereMiddleSchool"

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On May 27th, 2016, the inaugural "TEDxDePereMiddleSchool" was held. The theme of the event was "My Unique Contribution to the World!" The organizer, Josh Gauthier, reached out to Mike Rosack, Chris Jaure, and myself asking us to participate and share our experiences during the first DHMN Civic Hackathon - Appleton 2015. Happy to help and humbled by the invite, we attended the talk to describe "civic hacking", the Appleton Hackathon, and all the things that were started at the event.