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Meeting Customer Expectations in the Digital Age

Digital Marketing

Amazon is experimenting with delivery by drones. Apple has reinvented the retail experience - lots of face to face help and no cash registers. Uber optimized the cab-hiring experience with in-app payment and driver reviews. You are likely a customer of these companies. Your customers are also likely customers of these companies. Have you thought about what that means for your customers' expectations of you?

Digital Marketing: Beacons Beyond Retail

Digital Marketing

Beacon technology is enabling vast new marketing innovations, often referred to as “location-based marketing” and “proximity-marketing.” Stores send push notifications as you walk by, luring you in with special promotions. For the retail industry, beacons are a tool to draw attention to targeted products. Even stadiums and museums are getting in on the action, pushing out information about that sculpture in front of you, or offering a low-cost upgrade as you head to the nosebleed section. ICYM our previous post, beacons are tiny radio transmitters. They send out signals that can trigger actions within specific apps on your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. Beacons can be adjusted to reach a specific distance – as close as a foot or as far away as 100 meters. (Although signal interference becomes more likely at larger distances.)

A Sense of Place: Beacons Enable Micro-Location Services

Digital Marketing

Take in a game at Petco Park or Dodger Stadium this summer and you could get a push notification on your phone if there’s a faster concession line just a short walk away. Seated in the nosebleed section? You might get an offer to upgrade your tickets before you climb your way to the top.  Visit the Met, the Guggenheim, or the Cleveland Museum of Art and you could receive artist information as you move throughout the galleries. Shop at an American Eagle, and you just might get a discount offer when you walk in the door. Thanks to low energy Bluetooth Smart technology (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE), we’ve entered a new digital world of location-based marketing. Sure, your smartphone has had geo-location capabilities for a while, but GPS is a serious battery hog. New low cost transmitters, called beacons, can now pinpoint your location with greater accuracy and a negligible impact on battery life.