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3 ways insurance companies can use technology to improve customer experience

Insurance Customer Experience

Insurance isn't a physical thing. It’s a promise, a shared understanding, that an insurance company will be there for its customers when they need it — during an illness, after an accident or after some other trauma. Because of this, insurance isn’t a product most people like to think about when everything is going well. If you’re investing in new technologies, this may seem like a problem. How can you get customers who aren’t thinking of insurance right now to use your new technologies? Why build a new application if your customers aren’t going to use it most of the time?

Here's Why Every Contact Center Should Be Investing In Artificial Intelligence

Customer Experience Staffing AI

It's a customer experience fact: everyone who calls customer service wants to talk to a human being. They mash 0 to avoid self-service. They tweet at the company when they're on hold. They try to contact someone, anyone who can answer their question.

Everyone In The Call Center Industry Should Be Automating Their Business Processes. Here's Why.

Business Processes K2 Customer Experience

Call centers are broken. And unless someone does something about it, contact centers will continue to be the villains of the customer service world, funneling organizations' cash into a black hole, and sucking the life out of customers who are waiting on hold.