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What's Going On!? (In Tech)

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A part of being a nerd^H^H^H^H technologist is maintaining an awareness of what is going on out there. For me that awareness takes a few different forms. Meetups, Slack/IRC, and most regularly RSS. RSS may have been declared dead by content companies back in 2013 (they couldn't monetize it) but self-publishing, blogs, and the general internet community continue to publish RSS/ATOM feeds and aggregation, making the technology a viable way to stay on top of current events in tech.

Girls + Data: A Positive Trend

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In 2017 I attended a mentoring opportunity sponsored by Girls in Tech, a global organization devoted to joining women in the tech industry. This event welcomed young women from elementary to high school, to the Milwaukee Public Library, to ask a panel of female tech professionals about their careers. The panel included analysts, developers, project managers, and more in different areas of tech, but I was the only woman representing data analytics. As the girls rotated through the panel members inquiring about education required, experience, salary, and personal professional backgrounds, it became painfully obvious that despite their interest in technology, there was great hesitation since they thought they had to be a programmer.

The Fidget Cube Craze Hits Omni

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By now, you have probably noticed the fidget cube or fidget spinner craze that has happened in our country. It has invaded our workplaces and schools. It also found its way to us at Omni. Back in September of 2016, someone shared the Kickstarter page for the Fidget Cubes on the #random Slack channel. I was immediately intrigued by the simple product. I’m a frequent fidgeter. The usual foot tapping, leg bouncing, pen clicking, paper clip ruining, stress ball squeezing, kind of grade A fidgeter. “Fidgeter.” Is that even a real word? Well, I’m using it.

How to Start Budgeting

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Annuals or Perennials? Carrots or cauliflower? More trees or more shrubs? For me, landscaping and/or gardening is not something I particularly look forward to. I get lost between the some-shade and full-shade bushes, somewhere west of the fourth greenhouse of mums. Starting a landscaping project can be daunting, unless your one of those green-thumb plant enthusiasts. As for me, I have the “black thumb of death” and prefer to let my wife take charge of such things. Yet, it is good for me to overcome my fear of the unknown and delve into a landscaping/gardening project with her. Not so long ago, budgeting was a similar experience for me.

The Trick to Better Energy, Focus, and Health: Sleep

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None suffer to have me, but do from my lack. What am I? Do you ever hear yourself saying, “There is not enough time in the day,” “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” “This is taking longer than I thought,” or (here’s a good one) “I’m so clumsy today?” What if those times could be greatly reduced or eliminated all together? Studies show all it could take is one thing…that luxury of all luxuries that most of us have a hard time consistently enjoying. Enhanced memory, improved attention span and healthier immune system are just a few of the positive impacts this can have on a person. What is this magical drug??? SLEEP!

A Day in the Life of a Solutions Consultant at Omni

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As a Solutions Consultant in our Milwaukee office, my time is split between 1) Meeting with our clients to help design the software we are developing for them 2) Working with my project teams to clarify requirements and technical issues 3) Software development 4) Internal initiatives It’s a mix of responsibilities that keeps me busy and engaged. There is nothing more exciting for me professionally than taking a bunch to scribbles on a white board to a system that our customers use...and that’s what I do. My days tend to vary, but here is what one of my days looked like earlier this week.

3 Tips for Building Diversity in Your Tech Team

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It wasn't so many years ago that diversity in the tech industry was the issue many people were aware of, but few talked about. Tides are turning. Slowly, maybe. And inconsistently, yes. But people are at least talking about it. Major tech and internet companies are posting their statistics: Etsy Google Pinterest Yahoo Facebook Three Tips? We know. We aren't going to fix the issue with a blog post and three suggestions. But we strive for continuous improvement with our own diversity. We write for ourselves as much as we do for you.

Measuring Your Performance - Reports in YNAB

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With the Super Bowl just behind us, those of us NFL fans find ourselves not only yearning for more football, but mulling over the stats from the Super Bowl or our favorite team’s star player. We live in a world of constant measuring: How tall are you? How many hours a day do you exercise (that’s easy: not enough)? How much of your paycheck is actually left at the end of the day? While the NFL might have its own version of sultry or startling statistics to consider, YNAB’s Reports are the answer to the need for measuring financial performance.

Go Home. Rest. Be a Better Developer.

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Dimly-lit rooms with glowing screens. Empty energy drink cans laying sideways in empty pizza boxes. The last rays of a sunset just visible out the window. Tapping keys and just-audible music highlights coming from headphones. The clock ticks well into television prime time yet no one is reaching for a coat and heading for the door.