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5 Common Myths About Blockchain and Bitcoin

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Blockchain and Bitcoin just turned 10 — both were introduced in August of 2008 and both are beginning to mature into mainstream technologies that have the potential to change the way business is done. Because they are so new, however, there are plenty of misconceptions about each. These misunderstandings run the gamut from over-enthused to jaded. Some people may assume that given the hype, blockchain will solve all their business problems. Others may view blockchain and Bitcoin with extreme suspicion.

Why Financial Institutions Must Embrace Blockchain

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Blockchain is transforming the financial services industry. The shared digital ledger has huge implications for the way money is exchanged; it fundamentally changes the architecture of banking, makes activities like setting trades faster and cheaper, cuts processing times from days to hours and allows non-traditional players, like TransferWise, to enter the financial services market.

How to Leverage Bitcoin Growth & Usability into Your Business Model

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Omni is excited to announce software architect, Jonathan Morley, author of That Book on Blockchain: A One-hour Intro joined us for a series of talks about blockchain and cryptocurrencies this month. Scroll to the bottom of this post for more information on the events.

Everything Businesses Need to Know About Blockchain: A Conversation With Author Jonathan Morley

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Blockchain and Bitcoin. They've been all over the Internet, the news and social media ever since they came to prominence in the early 2010s. But despite the fact that blockchain and Bitcoin are often invoked as technologies that should be invested in, how much does the average business actually know about them? How much does the average business owner need to know about them?