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The Smart Workplace: How 3 Wisconsin Companies Are Using the IoT

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has made your home smart; you can program your heat, lighting and security system to automatically adjust themselves. You can program your Roomba to vacuum when you’re asleep. You can ask Google or Alexa to play whatever music you like when you come home. So why shouldn’t your workplace be smart as well?

Don't Think of AI When You Think of BI? Here's Why You Should.

Data Management Big Data Artificial Intelligence

When artificial intelligence is discussed, people tend to get a little breathless about its possibilities. And why not? The prospect of developing human-like intelligence and incorporating that intelligence into everything from cars to the apps we use at work is exciting. Humans have been dreaming about AI for decades, and we’re just getting to a place where AI is catching up to our fantasies about it. What might we be able to achieve when machines are doing some of our thinking for us? Here’s the thing though; machines have been doing some of our thinking for us — sorting through data and making predictions — for decades, but it’s so commonplace that no one gets excited about it.

AI, Machine Learning, and Your Business

Artificial Intelligence

Robby the Robot, HAL 9000, androids, replicants, Cylons, the hosts in Westworld: through the 20th century and into the 21st, popular culture has been fascinated by the prospect of artificial intelligence and its implications for us as humans. 

Robots At Work: What AI, RPA, and Machine Learning Mean for Business Process Management

Machine Learning Business Processes Artificial Intelligence

AI has long been thought of as the future of the workplace, but the truth is this: AI is already here. Chances are, your workplace is probably already using some sort of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

Libratus - No-Limit AI

Artificial Intelligence

We’ve known for some time now that AI programs have been able to take the crown in many perfect information games such as chess (Deep Blue), and Go (Alpha Go). However, with poker, one player does not know exactly what the other players have in their hands. This would appear to give an advantage to specific human behaviors such as bluffing. This was thought to be tough for machine learning to pick up given the imperfect information. Imperfect information games are hard because an optional strategy for a subgame cannot be determined from that subgame alone. In perfect information games, you would take an action and then your opponent would take an action and you would end up in a specific subgame and no longer need the information that let you to that game state.

Self-Driving Cars: Inside the Machine

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Instead of convincing you to trust or avoid a self-driving car, or debating timeline predictions, let's leave that drama to the thousands of other blogs for now. Let's get a little adventurous and pop the hood instead... Can you spot the AI Brain in these pictures?    That was a trick question. Despite the mesmerizing sound of the idea that there's an 'AI brain' inside the car driving it around like some sort of friendly terminator robot that's been tricked into being a chauffeur, the reality is that self-driving cars today are just putting together many simple little tricks. However, it will have a few extra computers to help with some of the simple math and added hardware.