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6 Real-World Examples of Custom Application Development

Application Development

Your organization needs an app. You’ve searched and searched but no software, platforms or applications on the market meets your organization’s business needs. If you can’t buy it, you’re going to have to build it — it’s time for custom application development.

Everything You Need to Know to Develop a Custom App

Application Development

Your company needs an app, and although you’ve researched all your options, none of the applications or platforms on the market meet your organization’s specific needs. Maybe a few of the existing software packages have some of the tools and features you need in an app but not all of them. Maybe all the software out there lacks a specific integration. Maybe you need something that simply doesn’t exist.

If You're Making the Shift to DevOps, You Need to Understand Infrastructure as Code

DevOps Application Development Software Development

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about DevOps and why all industries need to implement it. But implementing DevOps is not as simple as combining your Development and Operations teams. Any organization that wants the full benefits of DevOps also has to automate things as much as possible: testing, compiling, deployment, even creation of your servers.

What Is Data Governance? Here's What You Need to Know.

Data Management Software Development Application Development

Have you ever been part of a large corporate IT project that got all kinds of attention during implementation and launch, only to die on the vine a few months later? Many companies don't need to look past their own web site. Everyone pays attention to it in the design phase. Everyone wants a say in how the home page looks. Every department wants a chunk of home page real estate. And no one will turn down a fist-bump or beer when it launches.

Five Tips for Getting Started on a New Custom App

Application Development Mobile

1600 new apps per day. Estimates vary, but one source shows over 50,000 new apps per month posted into the iTunes store. That's a lot of apps. While many of those are games, others are the hopes and dreams of a developer looking to solve the next business problem. Maybe this one will stick. Maybe this one is the one. Maybe this one will actually be profitable. If you are considering writing an app of your own, those numbers can be overwhelming. What can you do to compete? Apps are an entire business model shrunk down to the palm of your hand. The entire project, from idea to planning to coding to releasing is complex enough for a book. Or three. But, like the old saying goes a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

How Do Professional Sports Teams Use Mobile Apps

Mobile Analytics Application Development

The Green Bay Packers. The Detroit Pistons. The Miami Dolphins. The USA Rugby Team.

Getting Started with Usability Testing

Design Application Development

Award-winning. Innovative. Best selling. Disruptive. Groundbreaking. If you've created desktop software or a mobile application, reviews using these words would probably get printed out and hung by your desk. You wouldn't be the only one. Each year thousands of companies employing thousands of developers launch their work in hopes of getting those same reviews and awards. Success breeds success. New customers on the fence about purchasing your product can be swayed by a review from an authoritative source.

What Do Product Managers Do?

Software Development Application Development

Product Managers. What do they do on application development teams?

User Experience Basics for Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Going to a geeky meetup or conference? Be prepared to hear the words "user experience." All the cool kids abbreviate it to "UX." What's UX all about, and how does it impact developing mobile applications? What is UX? Let's start with a definition: User Experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. Nielsen Norman Group Look bigger than your app. Did the end-user do research on your company website before downloading it? Did they see an advertisement for it while riding the subway? Did they download the app, use it a while, then call your company looking for support? All of those experiences are touchpoints in one User Experience.