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How is 5G different than 4G? (And other big questions about the next gen of wireless)

Mobile Internet of Things News

You’ve read the news: 5G is coming in 2019. But what is it and what does that mean for your business? And how is it different from 4G, your current network standard? Because 5G is so new, there are plenty of questions about its capabilities and the timeline for its rollout. We’ve compiled some of those questions here.

Lift & Shift or Cloud Native? Your Guide to Moving to the Cloud.

Cloud DevOps

It's the new year; you’ve taken stock of your business priorities and you’ve made an important decision: your organization is moving to the cloud in 2019. That’s a good call — according to InfoWorld, 9 out of 10 companies will be running at least partially on the cloud by the end of this year. Now you just have to figure out how you’ll make that move. Will you migrate using a Lift and Shift approach? Will your strategy be Native Cloud?

7 Myths About Agile Methodology

Agile Project Management Waterfall

You may have heard a lot about Agile methodology but how well do you understand it? Do you think it’s organized chaos? Do you worry that all planning is thrown out the window, or conversely, that you’ll spend an entire software development project in meetings? If so, I have some bad news: you’ve been exposed to some myths about Agile.

6 Real-World Examples of Custom Application Development

Application Development

Your organization needs an app. You’ve searched and searched but no software, platforms or applications on the market meets your organization’s business needs. If you can’t buy it, you’re going to have to build it — it’s time for custom application development.

Everything You Need to Know to Develop a Custom App

Application Development

Your company needs an app, and although you’ve researched all your options, none of the applications or platforms on the market meet your organization’s specific needs. Maybe a few of the existing software packages have some of the tools and features you need in an app but not all of them. Maybe all the software out there lacks a specific integration. Maybe you need something that simply doesn’t exist.

7 Ways to Make the Introduction of New Technology Easier for Your Business

Implementation Change Management

Disruptive technology is a term that means ground-breaking or game-changing technology. But often when new technology is introduced to a business, it’s disruptive in a different sort of way. Management might balk at a new way of doing things. Employees may not want to use the new tech. Some people might even openly rebel against it and that’s a big problem if you’re investing in a big new solution that will improve the way your company does business.

Agile or Waterfall Software Development: Why You Don’t Need to Choose One or the Other

Agile Software Development Project Management Waterfall

Your organization is going into a big software development project. The development work you’re doing is crucial to your company’s mission. Maybe you’re doing mobile application development for your customers to use or maybe you’re developing custom software that will be used internally. Whatever your software development project is, you now have an important question to answer: How do you manage the development process? Do you use a traditional software development method like Waterfall or do you use Agile methodology?

How Does BPM Work? Let Our Holiday Vlog Show You.

Business Processes Business Process Management Process Automation

Welcome back to All Things BPM: A Vlog Dedicated to Business Process Management. This month, everyone’s favorite BPM vlog is having a holiday special featuring none other than Omni’s own Father Christmas: Project Manager and Scrum Master Paul Rasmussen in an ugly sweater!

7 ways K2 Five’s update makes business process management easier

Business Processes K2 Business Process Management

If you’re already using K2 business process automation and haven’t moved to their cloud-based offering, K2 Five yet, there’s a compelling reason for you to consider it: constant improvements and added features. For its cloud customers, K2 releases a steady stream of product improvements and makes them available almost immediately, while non-cloud customers have a longer wait.