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How Omni’s recruiters found one man the perfect IT job – twice.

Recently, I started leading the Talent Acquisition Team at Omni and have been amazed by the hard work and dedication of our seasoned recruiters. Their role is more than filling vacancies – they focus on finding long-term candidates for positions that require a specific skill set. They are passionate about working with each candidate to make sure a match is the best possible fit for both the candidate and the client. Here’s a story that demonstrates this dedication.

Twenty-one years ago, Larry Boettger was a Windows consulting engineer and a new father living in Nebraska. His wife, a public school teacher, was eager to come home to Wisconsin. Thanks to Omni’s staff augmentation efforts, Larry landed a job as a lead IT engineer in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) and moved his family to Madison.

This year Omni has done it again, placing Larry at Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) as director of information security and bringing Larry — who’d been driving more two hours each way to work in La Crosse — to a job close to his home.

It’s an Omni recruiting story come full circle and it starts back when the sound of dial-up modems were common, Steve Jobs was just returning to Apple and the World Wide Web was new.

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A staff augmentation story: The ‘90s

“It was 1997, my wife and I were living in Omaha,” said Larry. “Our son, Lucas, was just born. My wife's whole family lived in Madison, Janesville, Platteville and other Wisconsin cities. She wanted to come home to Wisconsin.”LarryBoettger

The couple had been thinking about a move for a while. Then came a phone call from Omni’s recruiting team. They were handling staff augmentation for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and Larry seemed like a good fit for the lead IT engineer position they needed to fill.

This was back in the days before Skype but the recruiting team set up a video conference with the DOC, so that Larry could do his interview from Nebraska.

“It was the hardest interview that I ever had,” said Larry. “In 1997, IT video had a 1 to 2 second lag so that made it a bit challenging. They also asked some tough questions.”

Larry thought that he had bombed the interview, going so far as to call the recruiter to say that they should not to expect good news. But that wasn’t the case; within an hour of that phone call, Omni got a job offer that included relocation costs.

The Boettgers were headed home to Wisconsin!

“Omni made my move from Omaha to Madison very smooth. We even received a night out at Fyfe's Corner Bistro courtesy of Omni on our first night in town,” said Larry.

His wife got a job as a teacher within a month of the move and the family was able to see their relatives whenever they wanted. Omni stayed in touch with Larry, checking in to see how things were going and when Larry’s position as a contractor was threatened by DOC budget cuts, the recruiters made the introductions that led to a job at Datex Ohmeda.

“I don't believe that they received any finder's fee for me going to Datex,” said Larry. “They did it because they genuinely cared about the people that they worked with.”

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A staff augmentation story: 2018

Fast forward to earlier this year. The Boettgers still live in Madison, still visit with family often and Larry’s wife is still teaching. But there are some differences: the Boettger children are off in college, and Larry is working as a security analyst, driving more than two hours to La Crosse on Monday, staying there all week and driving back to Madison on Friday.

Being away from home and his wife was brutal and his job was fine but not fulfilling.

That’s when Omni stepped in again, to see if Larry would be interested in a position at TASC.

“Omni had never really stopped being in touch with Larry,” says Talent Acquisition Consultant Kerry Weber.

“I have been a recruiter for 20-plus years and I've been in touch with Larry multiple times over the years,” said Kerry. “I knew what his expertise was and I knew that this is an opportunity that he would be interested in hearing about.”

“Omni brought my wife home to Madison in 1997 and then brought me home to Madison and TASC in 2018,” he said.

Building and nurturing these relationships over time allows our Talent Acquisition Team to get to know the candidates and foster their progression. Our team invests the time it takes to make sure each candidate is the right fit – rather than just filling vacancies.

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