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How Does BPM Work? Let Our Holiday Vlog Show You.

Welcome back to All Things BPM: A Vlog Dedicated to Business Process Management. This month, everyone’s favorite BPM vlog is having a holiday special featuring none other than Omni’s own Father Christmas: Project Manager and Scrum Master Paul Rasmussen in an ugly sweater!

This vlog talks a lot about how business process management (BPM) works — that’s the whole idea, right? Well, our holiday special will do something a little different. Like Clarence the Angel, Paul is going to whisk you away to a different reality and show you how BPM works. In fact, Paul will be showing you two different versions of Omni’s 2018 White Elephant ornament exchange.

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What’s a white elephant exchange and what does it have to do with BPM? 

A white elephant gift exchange (also called a Yankee swap or Dirty Santa) is a party game where each participant brings in a gift. The rules differ a little based on where you live but essentially the game goes like this:

  1. Each player is assigned a number that determines when they unwrap their gift
  2. The first person chooses a gift and unwraps it
  3. Subsequent players can either choose a new gift to unwrap or steal an unwrapped one from the players before them
  4. When a person's gift is stolen, that person can either choose another wrapped gift to open or can steal from another player.
  5. The game is over when everyone has a gift.

Omni played this game with Christmas ornaments this year. You can check out some of those ornaments and see which one won on our Facebook page poll (P.S. don't forget to like our page!).










Okay, but what does a white elephant exchange have to do with business process management? Watch the blog and find out.

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Business Process Management and Holiday Chaos

As you can see, without the rules of the game in place, the white elephant gift exchange becomes a Christmas morning-style free-for-all. This is a lot like a company running without business process management; they’re operating without rules. Which step comes first is not clearly defined and there are no rules about exactly which task needs to happen at which time.

Does that mean that every business without BPM is running like Christmas vacation at the McAllister house? No — of course not. Processes usually start out tidily enough. Often in organizations where business processes have grown organically, those processes become chaotic when the original owner leaves the company, the organization is restructured, or steps are added. In the worst-case scenario, there’s disorder, things get messy and things get lost.

That’s why BPM is important. With a BPM process in place, you’ve got clearly-defined and regimented rules for each step in your business process. You know exactly what needs to happen and at what time. This keeps processes moving forward in an orderly fashion and makes sure that nothing important gets lost in the confusion — like a gift, or the money that will save the Building and Loan.

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Paul Rasmussen

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Paul wants to live in a world where he can golf every day of the year, he has an unlimited number of “Do Overs," and he hits every goal he sets for himself. As a project manager, one of Paul’s strengths lies in managing multi-faceted Agile projects. After tackling some tough ones, he’s learned a lot about which management styles do and don’t work in a given situation, when and how to ask the hard questions, and how to identify who can be counted on at critical junctures. Throughout the project cycle, he strives to give team members and clients more than what they expect. “When I can do that, it’s amazing to see the lasting business and personal relationships that are made.” Outside of work, you are likely to find Paul at the golf course, brewing up his own specialty beer, or whipping up something new and crazy for Saturday breakfast. The past few years he has spent an inordinate amount of time assembling toys for his kids. Paul grew up in Sparta, near LaCrosse WI. He graduated with a degree in Management Information Services from UW - Oshkosh. He and his wife Jody have two daughters (Maddison & Skylar) and a son (Dyllan).


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