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Travis Crowe

Travis Crowe

Travis Crowe is a former Software Engineer with Omni. He worked as a full stack developer who was passionate about web development and automation. On any given day, he was writing C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, and/or various flavors of SQL. Travis graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a minor in Computer Science. You can follow Travis on Twitter @traviscrowe and on Github at github.com/traviscrowe.

Recent Posts:

A Blockchain Story

Culture #WeAreOmni Software Development

It’s July 5th, I’m on the phone with Tony Sebion, a Director at Omni and the company idea guy, and I have no idea what Solidity is or how a Smart Contract really works. The conversation was lengthy and detailed but the gist was this: Tony drafted Kevin Brey and myself to build his social object/technical proof-of-concept for That Conference - an Ethereum blockchain-based betting application with a commercial music streaming device, smart contracts to broker the game, and a mobile-friendly app for users to register, place bets, watch the game, and win cryptocurrency.

Level Up: Omni Gaming After Hours


Last year our team adopted Slack as a communication tool because, like all good developers, we enjoy noise cancelling headphones and sharing memes in public spaces. A natural progression of our Slack usage was a #videogames channel, which joined us less than a week after we really started using Slack. It turns out not everyone at Omni is interested in League of Legends vs. Dota 2 or who's flying which dino around in Ark (interestingly enough, we have #ark now because it was getting to be a little much for #videogames!). A natural progression of #videogames was the idea to stay late one Wednesday and play some Age of Empires II HD - unsurprisingly many of us are huge fans. 

Top 3 Benefits of Automated Testing

Software Development

Why automate testing for your website? Because automation will allow for stable, repeatable and efficient discovery of issues in your systems. Manual testing is time consuming, prone to user error, and constrained by the limits of your user interface. But neglect testing overall, and you’ll inevitably run into quality issues and a dissatisfying user experience.  With automated testing, the software runs any number of defined actions, compares the results to the expected behavior, and reports back to an engineer. Once these tasks are defined, they can be repeated and extended in ways that aren’t possible with manual testing. As a result, testing is faster and more reliable.