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Michael Tryba

Michael Tryba

Michael Tryba has a superpower. He can look at a piece of hardware or software — even if he’s never used it before — and just know how it works and what he needs to do to fix it. Although maybe that’s not surprising, given his history; Michael has been interested in computers and software since he was a toddler. These days, Michael is the IT/Systems/Infrastructure Manager for Omni. He’s also a solutions consultant specializing in digital process management. He has multiple certifications in Microsoft and K2 technologies including K2 BlackPearl Core, K2SmartForms Builder, K2 BlackPearl Extensions, K2 Five: Core, Java, website design, C# and security. Michael’s passion for problem-solving and knowing how things work extends beyond his job. In a perfect world, Michael would spend all day building, tuning and racing cars and motorcycles. When he’s not at work, he can also be found at home spending time with his two black labs and macaw.

Recent Posts:

Microsoft Flow: The Little-Known BPM Software You Probably Already Have

Business Process Management Process Automation Microsoft Flow

Wouldn't it be nice if your work calendar synced up with your personal calendar automatically? What if your Human Resources office automatically sent an email to everyone on staff on Thursday, reminding them to get their time sheets in for the week? What if you got an email every time your company was mentioned on Twitter?

Omni – K2 Silver Delivery Partner and Gold Value Added Reseller

Business Processes K2

Omni is now a K2 Silver Delivery Partner and a Gold Value Added Reseller. At this time we are the only business in the Midwest to be both a delivery partner and a value added reseller, allowing us to provide a full array of K2 products and services to our clients.