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Lauren Falk

Lauren Falk

With more than 15 years of marketing, communications, sales and business development experience, I bring my seasoned expertise to Omni, a Saggezza company with passion and excitement. As Senior Marketing Manager, I am responsible for developing and executing marketing and client development strategy, as well as managing multiple projects and vendors. I work with cross-functional teams to achieve our business goals by contributing to the management of marketing campaigns, optimizing the marketing automation and lead nurturing processes and continuous involvement with relationships throughout the community. My professional experience is enhanced by a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Go Bucky!) If I were asked to highlight my favorite things, I would bring up my love for dogs, traveling the globe, Diet Coke (especially the fountain kind at McDonalds) and dirty martinis. I love dancing, I’m an avid runner and I count down the days until I can say it’s warm again outside. And by warm, I mean 75 degrees or above.

Recent Posts:

Saggezza Expands Midwest Presence with Strategic Acquisition of Omni


We are excited to announce Omni has officially joined forces with Saggezza, a leading global technology solutions provider headquartered in Chicago, IL. This acquisition will further augment Saggezza’s Midwestern presence while expanding its technical resources, expertise and global capabilities to Omni’s clients.

What I Learned from Creating a New Website in Two Months


It was my second day working at Omni when the Vice President of Marketing & Sales walked into my office and said, “We need to think about our current website and come up with something that better reflects who we are and what we do.” I agreed and was eager to please my new boss, and offered up my assistance with the project as needed as I had worked on web refreshes before. Her next words were, “Great. I’d like to see the new site launch in under 60 days.”