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Kevin Brey

Kevin Brey

Kevin Brey is a Software Engineer at Omni. He is a full stack developer, experienced in AngularJS, Typescript, C#, and Docker. Kevin graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Platteville with a B.S. in Software Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys contributing to open-source software and tinkering with embedded IoT systems as well as less constructive activities such as playing disc golf, ultimate Frisbee, paintball, fantasy football, and classic video games.

Recent Posts:

The Smart Workplace: How 3 Wisconsin Companies Are Using the IoT

Software Internet of Things Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made your home smart; you can program your heat, lighting and security system to automatically adjust themselves. You can program your Roomba to vacuum when you’re asleep. You can ask Google or Alexa to play whatever music you like when you come home. So why shouldn’t your workplace be smart as well?

Adventures in Editors

#WeAreOmni Software Development

Text editors are strange when you’re a developer. At first glance, it seems like they should be some of the simplest applications on your machine; but as a developer it also most likely your most used. This, coupled with the fact that “good programmers are lazy” and want to get things done as easily as possible, means text editors have been the focus of a lot of time by a lot of motivated people. This of course, leads to editors that are constantly changing, whether it be updated versions, new features, new plugins, or entirely different editors. This also means that everyone has their own preference, with some being much more enthusiastic about their choice than others. For those that don’t start religions based on pieces of software, your preferences likely change over time, and this is how that happened for me.

A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer at Omni

Culture #WeAreOmni

My eyes open and I look at the clock - 6:45. Definitely too early. Close my eyes and next time I open them the clock says 8:15. Eh…close enough. I’ve stopped setting alarms because I work at a small software consulting firm and as long as you don’t miss client meetings and get your work done, no one really cares if you don’t show up at an arbitrary round time. I look outside to see if it’s snowing, raining, both, or one of the other unpredictable weather scenarios that Wisconsin likes to throw in. Hmm looks nice out. Damn. It’s not like I don’t like going into the office, it’s just that it saves me money on gas if I stay home. Okay, honestly with gas at less than $2/gal that’s probably a bad excuse. The more accurate reason is I prefer to not shower and instead work from my bed all day. Usually when I do that though I feel like a hermit neckbeard by about 3:00 pm so I try to not do that too often.