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Keegan O'Brien

Keegan O'Brien

Keegan O’Brien is a former Marketing Manager for Omni. Keegan managed the social media platforms for Omni and helped to plan and manage all promotional efforts for the organization. Prior to Omni, he taught marketing at the high school level in the Fox Valley for over 10 years. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a marketing education degree and a minor in business administration.

Recent Posts:

Omni in Your Community

Culture Community #WeAreOmni

In 2015, I made the transition from teaching marketing to high school students to managing marketing efforts for Omni. There are days I miss the impact I made in the classroom and the connections I made. So, when the opportunity came up this past year to volunteer in my son’s second grade class as a Junior Achievement rep I said yes without hesitation.

2017 Tech Year in Review

Culture #WeAreOmni

As we call it a wrap on 2017, I asked our team for their insight on the biggest things to happen in tech during the year. They knew the drill. I asked them the same question last year around this time in regard to 2016. In typical fashion, I was given the “just share this” line from a consultant…cough, cough…Joshua Szuslik. Others added a bit more to their responses. Let’s find out what they had to share.

2017 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium: Omni's Key Takeaways

Culture Community Events #WeAreOmni

If I asked you to rattle off cities that come to mind when you think of startups, I bet you may list: San Francisco, Austin, New York, LA, Boston, Denver, or some of the other major names. All those locations would make wonderful places to get your startup off the ground, but more entrepreneurs are realizing the challenges those markets produce as well: the inflated cost of living & doing business and heavy competition. 

The Fidget Cube Craze Hits Omni

Culture Employee Ownership #WeAreOmni

By now, you have probably noticed the fidget cube or fidget spinner craze that has happened in our country. It has invaded our workplaces and schools. It also found its way to us at Omni. Back in September of 2016, someone shared the Kickstarter page for the Fidget Cubes on the #random Slack channel. I was immediately intrigued by the simple product. I’m a frequent fidgeter. The usual foot tapping, leg bouncing, pen clicking, paper clip ruining, stress ball squeezing, kind of grade A fidgeter. “Fidgeter.” Is that even a real word? Well, I’m using it.

Meeting Customer Expectations in the Digital Age

Digital Marketing

Amazon is experimenting with delivery by drones. Apple has reinvented the retail experience - lots of face to face help and no cash registers. Uber optimized the cab-hiring experience with in-app payment and driver reviews. You are likely a customer of these companies. Your customers are also likely customers of these companies. Have you thought about what that means for your customers' expectations of you?

What Web Metrics Should Manufacturers be Tracking?

Website Metrics

Do you work on a website for a manufacturer? If so, you might find yourself jealous of people who work on eCommerce sites. eCommerce sites benefit from instant feedback. Make a change, then watch to see if sales go up or down. With manufacturers, though, the sales cycle is different. It's longer - and often involves off-line components like sales reps, trade shows, and industry conferences. So how do you track your efforts in improving your website? We suggest four areas:

How Do Professional Sports Teams Use Mobile Apps

Application Development Mobile Analytics

The Green Bay Packers. The Detroit Pistons. The Miami Dolphins. The USA Rugby Team.

Metrics for Manufacturers - What Should You Track?

Analytics Business Intelligence

We've talked about the importance of business dashboards - but what metrics does a successful manufacturer track?

Designers and Developers - Getting the Whole Brain Working Together

Design Software Software Development

Are you left-brained or right-brained? Modern pop psychology divides people into one of two camps - right-brained or left-brained. Right-brained people excel at: Creativity Imagination Intuition Feelings Visualization And left brained people are better at: Science Details Memorization Directions Math In Software Development On a software development project team, left-brainers are developers. Their skills primarily drive application implementation and functionality. Right-brainers are your designers. They create the look, feel, and flow of the application. A software development project needs both groups to be successful. How do we get designers and developers to better work together? We see three primary ways: