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Joe Halfman

Joe Halfman

Joe Halfman is a former Business Process Management Consultant with Omni. Joe is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh with over 20 years of software development and consulting experience. Joe enjoys riding his mountain bike, golfing and spending time with his family up North at the cottage.

Recent Posts:

Robots At Work: What AI, RPA, and Machine Learning Mean for Business Process Management

Machine Learning Business Processes Artificial Intelligence

AI has long been thought of as the future of the workplace, but the truth is this: AI is already here. Chances are, your workplace is probably already using some sort of artificial intelligence in the workplace.

5 Questions to Ask Before Automating an HR Process

Business Processes

Paperwork. Why does paperwork sound like more work than just work? Maybe because, so often, paperwork is in addition to the "real" work. You get the real work done, then there is the paperwork. Or maybe you are like Mike Wazawski of Monsters, Inc - constantly forgetting the paperwork and having to answer to the great and foreboding Roz: Good Morning Roz - my succulent little garden snail. And who would we be scaring today? Wizowski...you didn't file your paperwork last night. Oh, that darn paperwork. Wouldn't it be easier if it all just...blew away? Don't let it happen again! Monsters, Inc. Rather than hiring a Roz to enforce things, many companies look to automate the process behind the paperwork.