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Jay McCormick

Jay McCormick

Jay McCormick has been with Omni for nearly a decade and in that time he’s been an MVP, building long-term relationships with some of Omni’s clients. He’s proud of that work. The continual improvement he’s been able to provide has allowed Omni to keep those clients for many years. Jay specializes in all things Microsoft /.NET but he’s always up for something new and is constantly trying to educate himself on the latest tools and technology. When Jay isn’t working, he’s running. He and his daughter train to run a couple of half-marathons every year. He and his wife enjoy traveling, home improvement projects and playing with their grandchildren.

Recent Posts:

5 Simple Steps to Big Data Management

Data Management Big Data

Your company is about to begin a Big Data project and it seems overwhelming. That’s understandable — Big Data is, after all, big. There’s a lot of it, often generated by many different sources: Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, spreadsheet data or customer behavior online. And those are just a few examples of possible sources. As intimidating as Big Data can be, data management shouldn’t be painful, as long as you plan ahead. To make the most of the data you have coming in, your organization will need to build a Big Data management strategy — a plan for how you will manage, use, share and store data within your company.

Microsoft Azure: What Is It and Why Is It Important

Cloud DevOps Microsoft

If you're invested in Microsoft technologies, migrating to the cloud, using the Internet of Things (IoT) or considering a move to DevOps, you need to be aware of Azure. You’ve probably heard of Azure — especially if you're familiar with the concept infrastructure as code — but you may not be clear on its finer points. So, what is Azure? Simply put, Azure is Microsoft's public cloud service. Like its competitors, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud, Azure offers infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) but also storage, databases, active directory and a host of other services.