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James Krot

James Krot

James has almost 20 years of experience in Information Technology, with more than 10 of those years in web development. He has a background as a full stack developer for most of that time and has extensive experience handing server management duties. He recently became more of a front end developer to pursue some of his favorites technologies such as Angular. Next time you see him, ask him about his hobbies….here at Omni, we’ve dubbed him one of the most interesting people on the team.

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Data Management Analytics Business Intelligence

When I work with clients on data analytics projects, I usually start by asking a question: “Can you tell me what your most profitable product is?” It’s seems like an easy question to answer, and clients usually give me their best-selling product, but it’s not as simple as the product your organization sells the most.  When you’re identifying your most profitable product, you need to know how much that item costs you — those costs can be operating expenses, man-hours, storage, manufacturing or any other item that contributes to the financial footprint of that product. Chances are, when you start thinking about these factors, the answer suddenly become more complicated then at first glance.