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Alex Gibson

Alex Gibson

There are a couple of things you should know about Alex: he loves food from cultures around the world and he loves helping people solve problems with technology. As a foodie, Alex is a fan of Indian, Thai, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Ethiopian cuisine. As a Client Solutions Manager, Alex is proudest of the moments that happen after he’s helped a client find the right solution — when he can watch that client successfully use a new tool to easily complete a task that was a pain point before. Alex and his wife have five teenage girls who keep their lives interesting. When they’re not running around with the kids, they’re literally running: Alex and his wife compete in triathlons. They’ve completed 10 half Ironmans and two full Ironmans.

Recent Posts:

3 ways insurance companies can use technology to improve customer experience

Insurance Customer Experience

Insurance isn't a physical thing. It’s a promise, a shared understanding, that an insurance company will be there for its customers when they need it — during an illness, after an accident or after some other trauma. Because of this, insurance isn’t a product most people like to think about when everything is going well. If you’re investing in new technologies, this may seem like a problem. How can you get customers who aren’t thinking of insurance right now to use your new technologies? Why build a new application if your customers aren’t going to use it most of the time?

Azure Data Lake: The Next Big Thing in the Reinsurance Industry

Data Management Big Data Analytics

Reinsurance is a complicated industry and it's only getting more complex. Reinsurers provide insurance for other insurance companies to keep those companies' risks to a minimum and according to a recent report from Deloitte, their industry is facing a problem. They're putting together increasingly customized, individually-negotiated contracts for clients, incorporating data from several disparate sources — business partners, administrative systems, internal documents and reinsurance terms — and they're doing it manually.