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Aaron Koats

Aaron Koats

Aaron Koats loves helping people solve business problems with technology. As a Client Solutions Manager for Omni, it’s his job to listen to client needs before figuring out how to use technology to solve their problem but Aaron’s love of connecting people with solutions extends back past his work with Omni. Over the past 25 years, he’s made a career of building relationships and using digital solutions to ease the business problems faced by both companies and individuals. “I enjoy helping people achieve what they are imagining, or companies solve business challenges, by leveraging technology solutions,” he said. When Aaron is not at work, he’s spending as much time with his wife and three children as possible: in the gym, riding motorcycles, boating, camping or traveling.

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Technology has made great leaps in the past few years. Think about the difference in your personal devices from 2015 to now — in 2015 your smartphone didn’t have facial recognition, and you didn’t have to be careful saying the word “Alexa” in a friend’s home, lest you wake up an Amazon Echo.