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A Day in the Life of a Talent Development Specialist at Omni

I have friends from high school that followed their passions from very young ages and have had very successful careers. I have always admired that and wondered how they did it? Why was I not like that? To find a career that you are passionate about is a gift. To find a career that also leaves you fulfilled and rewarded is priceless. While my chosen profession did not come to me until my mid 20’s, I am forever thankful that I finally found my passion in talent acquisition.

Why you may ask? What is the uplifting reason I have chosen this career path?

In this profession, it is all about people and relationships. Nothing fascinates me more than talking to people, learning from them, understanding what motivates them and, if I am lucky, having the ability to make a profound impact on their lives by providing them with a new career opportunity. I love the engagement with people I am trying to recruit. Making that initial connection and finding that common bond and then letting it grow from there. The other day I was reaching out to some of my old networking connections from business I conducted about five years ago and it was so refreshing to hear their success stories and their personal life changes.

In my position, I get to help set the groundwork for a career opportunity that has significant ramifications and impact not only for the new recruit, but often times for their families and certainly for my employer also. A new career for someone might mean a promotion, an opportunity to work in a new and exciting industry, it may mean that person can finally buy the house of their dreams due to an increase in pay, for others it is a new challenge. For some, it is fulfilling a lifelong dream. And I get to be part of that! As recruiters, we hold the keys that can guide individuals to what could possibly be the greatest and most impactful decision of their lives.

I am responsible for match making in a way, dating for professionals and business leaders. I make introductions, connect the right people to each other, keep both parties engaged and interested, manage all the ups and downs that always happen along the way and then make sure they are still happy once the matchmaking is complete. Dealing with people’s hopes and dreams is the fun stuff, but there is also a downside. Working through promotions, salary negotiations and letting candidates down is tough. Or letting that hiring manager know that their dream candidate just accepted another position. That is never a fun conversation.

On the business side of my chosen career, I have access to business leaders, CFO’s, VP’s and CEO’s almost daily. I learn from them changes in processes, changes in strategy, new solutions to business issues and everything in between. I get to see business grow and develop and have a significant impact on that growth. I am in a unique position to understand the strategy of my company and also our unique challenges. Talent acquisition is a collective partnership between myself, my business leaders and my candidates. It involves sales, negotiations, politics, risk and excitement. No two days are ever the same in my chosen profession.

Talent acquisition and recruitment can also be thankless, painful and downright frustrating. But, at the end of the day, human capital will always be the ultimate success of any organization. The people within an organization define the growth and the culture. I love recruiting because I get to impact people’s lives and help companies grow. And I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Below is a picture that I feel perfectly describes my life as a recruiter!



Kaycee Whitaker

About Author Kaycee Whitaker

Kaycee is a senior level talent acquisition specialist with 15 years’ experience across a wide range of companies and industries. She has extensive experience with full life-cycle recruiting processes for positions at all levels, including upper management and director/VP level. Her strengths include the ability to consult collaboratively with hiring managers in order to assess and understand their needs and the needs of their groups/departments to the fullest extent, and from there to develop and implement a best-practice recruiting strategy that suits their specific needs. She is able to develop behavioral interviews and effectively assess and present candidates, and manage them through the entire recruiting process to ensure the best candidate experience possible as well as to uphold the corporate and employment brand.


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