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6 Real-World Examples of Custom Application Development

Your organization needs an app. You’ve searched and searched but no software, platforms or applications on the market meets your organization’s business needs. If you can’t buy it, you’re going to have to build it — it’s time for custom application development.

What is custom application development? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: the development of software tailored to your business’s specific needs or problems. Usually businesses turn to custom app development when consumer off-the-shelf (COTS) software doesn’t exist or can’t be customized to meet their requirements.

Custom applications fit into three categories:

  • Mobile applications — Apps you use on your phone, or on another mobile device.
  • Desktop applications — Apps which run on your PC or Mac.
  • Web applications — Websites that let you perform an action, like check a bank balance or listen to music.

How do these custom applications look in action? Let’s investigate by looking at some of the custom apps Omni has developed for its clients. We’ll take a look at the business problems faced by the client, their needs and the solution Omni created.

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Mobile Applications

Spring Green


Spring-Green is a lawn care franchise with more than 80 locations across the U.S. With so many locations, the company needed a customer service platform capable of providing access to timely relevant customer information for both its national inbound service team and local representatives in the field. Because Spring-Green’s local reps are literally in the field — they’re out working in people’s yards during their work day — Omni designed a mobile customer services application that allows reps access to Spring-Green’s marketing database. Using the mobile app, reps can see which promotion any customer has received and can do other targeted marketing based on that customer’s purchase history.

Read the case study.


Nature's Way


Nature’s Way, a dietary supplement company, had a website for some time but needed an update so that the site could be viewed on any device. Omni used the capabilities of their existing content management system to create a mobile-friendly website that automatically adapts to different screen sizes, from phones to tablets. The new site also boasts customized display modules, so Nature’s Way can expose more customers to its products and special promotions.

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Desktop Applications

ProHealth Care


ProHealth Care is an integrated healthcare system in Wisconsin comprised of three hospitals and 19 clinics, as well as assisted living facilities, home health services and more. As a healthcare provider, ProHealth is required to report clinical information to public sources but its own doctors and healthcare professionals had a hard time accessing their data. To remedy this, Omni built the Physician Profile report, an interactive application that pulls data from ProHealth’s data warehouse to create reports specific to doctors’ patients. These reports indicate whether patient care met basic thresholds, targeted goal measures or stretch goals and allow doctors to click through and examine data for individual patients. 

Read the case study.




TASC, a third-party administrator that processes claims and administers transactions for a wide variety of employee benefit services, had a business challenge. The company was forced to change a core software solution for its DirectPay Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) service by a specific deadline. Omni responded to the challenge by building a custom application for TASC’s multi-tier member plans. Omni also updated templates, created custom reports and built an effective two-way communication tool for timely feedback after launch.

Read the case study.


Web Applications

Utech Consulting


Utech Consulting is a family-owned business based in Wisconsin and is focused on organizational development, leadership development and cultural alignment. Utech was looking to scale up but the organization offers a unique perspective on employee engagement using analysis methods that take years to master. To make growth easier, Utech was looking for a data analytics tool that fit their firm’s distinct approach. Omni worked with Utech to create Illumyx, a web-based culture analytics tool that uses predictive data models to identify key cultural drivers and high ROI areas for employee engagement. The application matches Utech’s unique methods, offers a dashboard that helps clients understand their own data and allows clients to be proactive about employee engagement.

Read the case study.


Tap Integrative


TAP Integrative, a nonprofit membership site that provides resources for integrative healthcare professionals, needed a membership site that would control content delivery, creating different user experiences for members and visitors to the site. The site was designed to be content-heavy, with a large video library and TAP Integrative needed the site to load rapidly so visitors and members could watch the videos without interruptions. Omni responded by building a password-protected membership site that allowed visitors with different permissions to perform different actions: members can manage their account information, watch videos, download content, read articles and participate in a community forum. General visitors can view video tutorials of site features, read the blog and learn more about TAP Integrative.

Read the case study.


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