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2017 Tech Year in Review

As we call it a wrap on 2017, I asked our team for their insight on the biggest things to happen in tech during the year. They knew the drill. I asked them the same question last year around this time in regard to 2016. In typical fashion, I was given the “just share this” line from a consultant…cough, cough…Joshua Szuslik. Others added a bit more to their responses. Let’s find out what they had to share.


Jon Anderson, Strategic Accounts Director

He shot me this simple line: “AMD + Intel to take on Nvidia after AMD CEO goes to Intel.” I did some more digging and found this article from Fortune.com to shed some more light on the topic.

Steve Duitsman, Solutions Consultant

In true Steve fashion, he said “just say blockchain and watch the hits roll in.” He also chimed in later to “throw iteratively in there somewhere.” Solid contribution Steve. His responses in Slack stoked the fire. Business Intelligence Consultant, Nick Heidke, said “Omni enjoys mining Bitcoin on the blockchain using AI in the cloud.” And Software Engineer, Lawrence Valiquette, added “AI blockchain hosted in the cloud.” Steve Kaplon, Solutions Consultant, thinks we missed out on an opportunity to “add blockchain to Omni’s name and triple our stock price.” This was in reference to an iced tea company that did just that. Software Engineer, Matt Schmidt, thinks “Omni BlockchAIn would be ideal. Then we would have AI covered as well.” Once again, thanks Steve for inspiring these thought provoking responses.

Hans Gronewold, Software Engineer

In the Slack conversation around this topic, Hans wrote, “FCC repealed net-neutrality regulations.” Three others in the General Channel reacted to this comment with the “clapping hands” emoji, so it was obvious this needed to be included. There are numerous references for this topic. Here are a few that may help your understanding.

The FCC just voted to repeal its net neutrality rules, in a sweeping act of deregulation from The Washington Post

Why Net Neutrality Was Repealed and How It Affects You from The New York Times

The FCC just killed net neutrality from The Verge

Dan Kuchler, Solutions Consultant

He was kind enough to respond with several items:

• Chat Bots / Digital Assistant proliferation
• Continue / Accelerated migration to container and the cloud
• Using Big Data and analytics to try to solve problems
• Continued growth and popularity of javascript technologies (angular, react, typescript, javascript, node)
• Continued growth and popularity of serverless cloud execution
• Convergence of food and technology (Amazon purchase of Whole Foods, online ordering / pickup, meal in a box, recurring purchases / delivery, self-checkout)

Lawrence Valiquette, Software Engineer

AlphaGo was the first computer program to defeat a professional human Go player, the first program to defeat a Go world champion and arguably the strongest Go player in history. Software Engineer, Kevin Brey, thinks “AlphaGo Zero was the big thing at the end of this year.”

Kevin Brey, Software Engineer

He says “maybe the Microsoft story for this year is their continued trend to work with Linux and the open source community that they started last year. This year Windows Subsystem for Linux, Windows Server containers, and ASP.NET Core 2.0 on Linux all became stable and came into mainstream use.” And Dan Kuchler mentioned that what Kevin discusses is “also part of a continued trend of embracing open source at all levels really. From SMB to major corporations.”

Wrap Up

We’ve got a much larger team, so I know we didn’t cover everything. What did we miss? What would you add to the list of biggest things in tech for 2017? Want to stop by one of our offices and chat about it? Give us a call and let's have a coffee.


Keegan O'Brien

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